25 Gifts to Please a First Time Dad

Giving a father who is going to have his first child is a very special mission. Therefore, we have selected incredible ideas that will help you make a pleasant and surprising choice.

What is the best gift for a first-time parent? The ideal gift for a first-time parent is one that, in some way, helps in your new journey, that is, it is recommended that you choose items that are useful in everyday life and make the routine more practical.

It is important to take into account that, as it is a totally new experience, this phase will bring many new features. Therefore, a gift that is useful on a daily basis can simplify routine activities and make things lighter. If you have doubts about what to choose, our tips will help you.

Set for father and baby

2. Set for father and baby

This is a very symbolic gift that every dad would love to receive. In addition, it is useful, after all they are basic pieces of clothing to wear on a daily basis. If you want to bet on something cute and charming, this is a great alternative.

Fun baby bodysuit

3. Fun body for the baby

To present in a very relaxed and original way, this body option is just perfect. Besides being a piece that can be used a lot by the baby, it is a gift full of good humor.


4. Mug

Another super symbolic pampering option, but one that significantly represents this very special moment. In addition, it is worth remembering that the mug can be used on a daily basis, to drink coffee, tea, etc.

Car seat organizer

5. Car seat organizer

If before having a baby it was already difficult to keep the car always organized, now for sure, it will be much worse. After all, to leave the house it is always necessary to take several things. This is a very creative option that will help a lot.

Multifunctional backpack

6. Multifunctional backpack

For first-time dads who like sophistication, this bag is an excellent gift item. It is suitable for carrying baby’s things and has a very beautiful design. Good tip to please with something really useful.

Parenting Books

7. Books on parenting

This is one of the most special experiences that anyone can have and a phase full of news. Books with content on parenting are excellent gifts, as they will help to gain knowledge and overcome anxiety.

Home security kit

8. Home security kit

As soon as the child starts moving around the house, some special care will be needed. This kit helps to adapt the home so that the child can move around safely, without the risk of hitting corners or sticking fingers in plugs, for example.

Gate with railing

9. Gate with grid

This is a gate that can be installed in different places in the house to limit the movement of the child, avoiding accidents on stairs or allowing him to access places that offer some kind of danger. It is a gift that is very useful.

Sunscreen for car glass

10. Sunscreen for car glass

Babies are very sensitive to sun exposure and when leaving home, care is needed to keep them safe and healthy. The sunscreen for car glass will help in this mission, having great use in everyday life.

Baby comfort

11. Baby comfort

Despite being a slightly more expensive item, the comfort baby has a great use in the daily life of a dad and his baby. It can be taken anywhere and allows the child to rest safely and comfortably.

Head support

12. Headrest

This is another accessory that will provide greater security for the baby’s day to day. It provides ergonomics, is adjustable and comfortable. It will allow the child to be transported safely in the vehicle, avoiding risks and alleviating Dad’s concern.

Portable exchanger

13. Portable exchanger

Another item that combines the useful and the pleasant and is still super cheap is the portable exchanger. It can be used both at home and outside, and it is indispensable when changing the child. It is the kind of practical and accurate gift.

Baby Rest Chair

14. Baby rest chair

The rest chair provides comfort when the baby is not on your lap. It is interactive, which allows him to play and be distracted. It is very useful in everyday life, mainly because it gives parents more freedom in homework.

Baby bottle kit

15. Baby bottle kit

Since daddies don’t breastfeed, they will need bottles very badly. This is an item that every baby uses a lot and it is important that it is of good quality, so that the child can breastfeed comfortably.

Baby picture frame

16. Baby picture frame

In addition to the baby’s photo, this frame allows you to make the environment lighter with a beautiful memory. It is a gift full of meaning, after all to be able to eternalize these moments is something very special.

Bath thermometer

17. Bath thermometer

A super economical treat, but that is very useful in everyday life. It helps to control the temperature of the bath water, keeping it always pleasant to promote well-being and preserve the baby’s health.

Ergonomic bathtub

18. Ergonomic bathtub

The bathtub is a daily use item that will be present for a good period of time in the baby’s life. It is an excellent choice as a gift, for sure, it will please. This model, in particular, has an ergonomic design, with head, back and legs support.

Bath support

19. Bath support

Bathing the baby is one of the tasks that cause the most fear and anxiety, but this can be a quieter time if Dad has support like this. It’s a creative gift that will help a lot, you can bet!

Anti-suffocating pillow

20. Anti-suffocating pillow

Baby care is many. At bedtime, to ensure health and well-being, the ideal is to invest in anti-suffocating pillows, which are safer. This model is easy to wash and has a good quality. It is a gift that few people will think of, but it makes a big difference.

Mattress protector

21. Mattress protector

Even with the diaper, unforeseen events can occur and the mattress is not a practical washing item. Therefore, it is best to keep it protected and for that the mattress protector will help a lot. It is a great solution for gift giving.

Baby Album

22. Baby album

The best memories deserve to be eternalized and the baby’s album has a very important role in this task. It is a symbolic gift that will allow this new father to register everything he is living to show his son in the future.

Decorative kit

23. Decorative kit

This is yet another symbolic gift option that is sure to thrill that first time dad. These are frames that allow you to engrave the baby’s little hand or foot. It’s the kind of unforgettable treat.

Mosquito net

24. Mosquito net

A practical musketeer for the baby stroller will allow the child to leave the house with more well-being and safety, avoiding the attack of mosquitoes and other insects that can even cause allergies.

Portable crib

25. Portable crib

The cool thing about this item is that it can be placed in any room in the house and allows the child to be safe while the father performs other tasks. It can also be used when traveling.

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