Birthday Gifts for Husband »15 Sensational Ideas!



As time goes by, it seems that it becomes more difficult to find good ideas for birthday gifts for husband, Is not it?

After all, several items have already been given in other years and it is not always easy to surprise those you love.

In order not to miss the hand, always keep an eye on the preferences and taste of your loved one and also try to talk to him to find out if there is something he needs or wants.

Don’t know how to gift your husband? See the ideas we selected!

Oh and be sure to see to the end of the page, because there is a video of how to assemble a box of the 5 senses, he will surely love it.

1 – Sunglasses for the husband


Sunglasses are classic birthday gifts for husband.

You can think of models that are related to the personality of your loved one.

This Ray Ban model is very traditional and combines with most styles, with the green lens and the acetate frame.

2 – Birthday gifts for Husband »Kindle


For husbands who love reading and technology, how about bringing both passions together in one gift?

The Kindle Paperwhite 8GB is the lightest and slimmest ever launched, in addition to having a 300 ppi anti-glare screen, which allows reading even in the sunlight.

This version is also waterproof, allowing reading by the pool or relaxing in the bathtub.

3 – Perfume to make the husband more fragrant

How about making your husband more beautiful, charming and fragrant with the birthday gift?

Ferrari perfume is a favorite of men, thanks to its unmistakable aroma.

Its fragrance has top notes of lemon, bergamot, apple and plum, heart notes of jasmine, rose, cardamom and cinnamon and base notes of cedar, amyris wood, vanilla, amber and musk crystals.

4 – Birthday gifts for husband »Beard kit

Vain husbands can already celebrate, after all the cosmetic industry has continuously developed a series of products for them.

One of these novelties are the beard care items – ideal for giving your loved one a gift and helping them to take care of their beauty.

This one has a shampoo and a specific oil for beard care, cleaning and nourishing the hair, as well as leaving a delicious scent.

5 – Kit headset and smartwatch for the technological husband

Instead of looking after your beard, does your loved one prefer to exercise? There are also great birthday gift ideas for a sports husband.

An example is this kit with wireless headphones and smartwatch.

The headphones work via bluetooth and are ideal for running, cycling or for use in the gym. And the smartwatch allows the loved one to monitor sleep, heart rate and the number of steps taken during the day.

6 – Birthday gifts for Husband »Wallet

Is your husband not a fan of reading, does he not have a beard or do physical activities?

Then invest in classic gift ideas for husband!

For example, this beautiful leather wallet, with an external pocket for coins and several internal compartments for cards, documents and money.

7 – Sneaker kit, watch and gift wallet for her husband


Another very cool option (and one that is successful with various styles of men) is the shoe.

Beautiful and versatile, these shoes can be used on several occasions, being a wild gift.

This kit is very interesting, since it brings together in one gift the shoe, a matching watch and a beautiful wallet.

8 – Birthday gifts for Husband »Leather jacket


For loved ones who love to dress well, clothes they are always good birthday gift ideas for husband.

The leather jacket is an essential item in any man’s wardrobe, as it allows the creation of several sophisticated and elegant looks.

The caramel jacket is extremely classic and combines with a multitude of pieces. This model has two external pockets and one internal and a well-aligned cut.

9 – Portable speaker for the husband who likes music


Does your loved one love music and love to enjoy their favorite artists? The portable speaker is a different gift idea for a husband.

With it, your love will be able to listen to his favorite songs anywhere and anytime.

It works with bluetooth transmission (allowing access to music from your cell phone or other device), guarantees 5 hours of playback, has an audio cable slot and is waterproof.

10 – Birthday gifts for Husband »Bermuda jeans


Another classic item in the men’s wardrobe is denim shorts.

Beautiful and comfortable, it combines with various styles and is a wild card for those who do not know how to gift their husband.

This model of the image is made with jeans with lycra and elastane, which promotes more comfort and flexibility, in addition to having 4 pockets and zipper and button closure.

11 – Gift watch for husband

Accessories are also a hit with husband’s birthday gifts.

And among them is the watch, always in high demand for being a classic, elegant item that combines with different styles.

The model in the image is an analog watch, with black stainless steel bracelet, round shape and locking clasp – ideal for classic men but who like a touch of charm in their productions.

12 – Birthday gifts for Husband »Tool kit


Is your husband one of those who love to fix things at home or build new items?

So how about contributing to that passion? Invest in a beautiful set of tools and keep your loved one happy and entertained for days!

The image kit consists of 110 pieces, all of which are made of chrome.

13 – Football boot for husband who loves to play ball


Instead of fixing things at home, does the husband prefer to hit that ball with friends?

A birthday gift idea for a husband is to invest in a good boot.

The image model is a football boot for society football (but there are differences for the field and the hall).

14 – Birthday gifts for Husband »Selection shirt


Still thinking about birthday gift ideas for a football-loving husband, how about a nice shirt from the national team?

This is a classic idea and one that practically pleases all men.

There are models that recreate several official jerseys, from national teams of several years – capable of pleasing all football lovers.

15 – Running shoes for sportsman husband


Did the hubby start exercising this year or does he love to run?

Invest in a good running shoe to make you more motivated and safer from injuries.

Learn how to make a box of 5 senses.

You have no ideas of birthday gifts for husband? See how to assemble this beautiful box with 5 senses gift, he will love it.

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