Chocolate Ideas For Mother’s Day »15 Suggestions!

When it comes to celebrating the affection and love between mother and child, nothing better than cool and interesting gifts, right? Chocolate is one of those items that conquers mothers of all ages and styles. There are many chocolate ideas for Mother’s Day.

You can assemble kits or baskets with the items she likes most, invest in gourmet sweets and even produce some exclusive delicacies for your mother.

Do you want to give your mother these delicacies, but you have no ideas for chocolates for Mother’s Day? See the delicious suggestions we have separated!

Be sure to see until the end of the post, because there is video of a candy bouquet step by step, for yourself to make and delight your mother.

1- Gourmet brigadeiro box

Gourmet brigadeiro for Mother’s Day | Photograph

O Brigadeiro Gourmet it is a fever and it is successful with practically everyone.

The secret is in the recipe using noble and varied ingredients, which go beyond the traditional brigadeiro recipe.

Choose the options your mother likes best and put together a pretty box like the one in the picture.

2- Box of handmade truffles

Handmade truffles for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Truffles are excellent chocolate ideas for Mother’s Day.

After all, you can invest in a box with assorted flavors and conquer your mother’s palate.

Prefer the handmade models, which can be personalized, and also that tend to be more delicious.

3- Personalized chocolate bar

Personalized chocolate bar for mom | Photograph

Is the money short to assemble a handmade chocolate kit?

A good idea is to modify the packaging, thinking of something exclusive for the chocolate bar.

For example, this idea of ​​the image, with personalized sayings.

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4- Personalized chocolate box

Personalized chocolate box for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Among the chocolate ideas for Mother’s Day there are also cheaper and cheaper options.

If you are going to present some bonbons or a chocolate bar, how about investing in the packaging?

Create one personalized box to your mother and value your gift!

5- Box of chocolates and roses

If there is a successful combination, it is chocolate and flowers.

Many mothers love to be surprised by a beautiful Mother’s Day bouquet.

Add a box of assorted and delicious chocolates to make the gift even more creative!

6- Chocolate heart

Chocolate heart for mom | Photograph

Nothing better to represent the love between mother and child than the heart, right?

And the good news is that there are delicious chocolate hearts to give to your mother.

This example of the image is super cool, since it has a series of assorted and delicious chocolates!

7- Gourmet candy box

Gourmet bonbon for Mother’s Day | Photograph

In addition to the gourmet brigadeiro, the gourmet bonbon is also a trend.

The idea is the same: to use noble products and differentiated recipes in production.

In this suggestion, the bonbons can count on different fillings such as beijinho, walnuts and dulce de leche, gourmet brigadeiro, Nutella, ganache with coconut custard, passion fruit ganache, lemon brigadeiro or Belgian chocolate.

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8- Chocolate basket with teddy bear

Chocolate basket with teddy bear for Mother’s Day | Photograph

The chocolate basket is a creative gift suggestion for Mother’s Day.

After all, it is more unusual than the traditional breakfast basket.

You can assemble your own basket (with the treats your mother loves) or buy a ready-made basket. Always take care of the decoration, including other items, such as a teddy bear!

9- Candy bouquet

Candy bouquet for mom | Photograph

Bonbons are always remembered as Mother’s Day favors.

But have you considered turning them into the main gift of the date?

Just use a little creativity, for example, assembling a beautiful bouquet with the chocolates your mother likes most.

10- Mug with chocolate

Mug with chocolates for Mother’s Day | Photograph

At personalized mugs good ideas for cheap Mother’s Day gifts.

But of course, you can refine this idea.

Just include some delicious chocolates and chocolates to put together a special kit.

11- Bouquet of strawberries with chocolate

Strawberry bouquet with chocolate for Mother’s Day | Photograph

The bouquet of flowers is a traditional idea to present on Mother’s Day.

If you want to get out of your comfort zone and think about a creative gift, how about this idea?

The bouquet is made with delicious chocolate covered strawberries and confectionery!

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12- Honey bread box

Among the ideas of chocolates for Mother’s Day, the honey bread is a delight that is successful!

Of course, this item can also be personalized and have gourmet recipes.

There is still the possibility to choose the fillings. In this case, the options are dulce de leche, brigadeiro and prestige.

13- Cake in the pot

Cake in the pot for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Although the cake in the pot is not a classic chocolate idea for Mother’s Day, it is also successful.

If your mom loves chocolate, choose options with dough or filling using the ingredient, such as filling with brigadeiro or chocolate ganache.

And, of course, don’t forget to invest in a beautiful and creative packaging, to enhance the souvenir.

Kit Kat Cake

Kit Kat Cake for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Nothing more traditional than celebrating the second Sunday in May with a delicious Mother’s Day Cake, right?

How about investing in Kit Kat cake, which is on the rise and is super cute?

If you want to innovate, choose the strawberry version, which is also very delicate and feminine.

15- Heart Cupcake

Heart cupcake for Mother’s Day | Photograph

The cupcake is delicious, as well as being super cute and allowing for various stylizations.

How about putting together a kit with heart-shaped cupcakes covered with milk brigadeiro?

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Learn how to easily make a candy bouquet!

See how easy it is for you to assemble a super nice gift for your mother with chocolates, she will love winning this bouquet of bonbons.

Did you like our chocolate ideas for Mother’s Day?

See more tips, suggestions and ideas in our special Mother’s Day section.

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