10 creative Easter gift ideas

Updated on 11/03/2021.

Have you seen that here at Tempojunto Carnival is not over yet and we are already looking forward to Easter! In fact, at the end of February we got ahead and published Easter treasure hunt ideas for you to prepare and create that holiday full of games. There is even a Collection of Clues to facilitate the organization of the hunt. Anyway, now it’s time for 10 creative Easter gift ideas. Made by children, together with you, in a moment of creativity and making gifts for parents, grandparents, teachers and friends. Come on?

01 – Nail polish with bunny

Think of an Easter gift cheap and creative! Beth A Palooza’s website has this charm as a gift. The idea is to use nail polish, but it is so easy that you can use it in many other ideas. Click here to see how to do it.

02 – Towel rabbit

Another simple idea of creative easter giftand the kids will love helping to raise is this washcloth rabbit. One different gift that just by looking you can see the affection with which it was done. See how to do it on the Crafts by Amanda website.

10 creative Easter gift ideas

03 – Rabbit pots

Here, at Tempojunto, we love to reuse, recycle and use simple objects to play. So, this We Know Stuff Pinterest idea is our face. Separate the cans from groceries and see here how to make this little rabbit vase that is a beautiful Easter gift, cheap and creative

04 – Bunny candy

Do you know when children want to give a gift to all the friends in the room? Or, after Easter lunch, do you want to offer a souvenir for the family and the guests? So, many times for the quantity we do not know what to do. But here on the Meine Stoeber Seite website there’s a idea of ​​very creative, cheap and easy Easter gifts for children to do. An affection that makes all the difference and makes a bonbon a beautiful gift.

05 – Rabbit with surprise

Creativity is a wonderful thing. Can you imagine that a ball of masking tape, in addition to keeping a surprise, still becomes a beautiful super creative Easter gift?! This is an amazing idea from the Craftaholicsanonymous website. Click here and see how to do this present with the children or make to present them with this surprise!

06 – Egg carton basket

How about turning an empty egg carton into a beautiful Easter gift? With paints and tape children, even small ones. they can make a beautiful basket for people to carry the eggs!

10 creative Easter gift ideas basket

07 – Rabbit pencil holder

Pencil holder is a super useful gift and this one has an Easter touch. So, call the kids to get your hands dirty and click here that the CreaVea website teaches you how to make this beautiful gift.

08 – Glass jars with Easter flair

In this little glass jar you can place candies, chestnuts or mini chocolate eggs. So, all the step by step to make the pot is on this site here. Here is a point of attention, did you see how the pot is “perfect”, all painted, delicate with everything aligned? So, when we do activities with children, whether they are small or large, the creations are not always like this. But the idea is to play, have fun, create and enjoy time together. In those moments, a little blot, an extra splash of paint, a glue stain are just details. Help to do, teach, praise. What counts is playing, affection, isn’t it?

Another idea here is, instead of printing or buying ready-made cards, create a little card with the kids. Cut out small pieces of cardboard and let it draw, paint and create your message. Then, just stick it on the jar or attach it to the string.

09 – More rabbit pots!

If you want more ideas on how to do little pots to give as gifts for Easter, in this post here on the Crazy Little Projects website you have three more ideas, one more beautiful than the other. The highlight is for the bunny and the step by step is all there on the site.

10 creative Easter gift ideas

10 – Easter stamped with… potatoes!

So, this is a joke that draws their attention for the different way of doing something as simple as painting! See here on The Best Ideas For Kids website how to make prints using potatoes and create your gifts with children. Nobody resists making it and everyone loves this simple and surprising gift.

10 Creative Easter Gift Ideas Stamp

Taking advantage that the post’s theme is about creative easter gifts, have you ever done a Egg hunt for kids? This is a simple and fun game that you can play for small or large children. In this post here we have several ideas on how to do an egg hunt. Ah! In addition to the post, there is a collection of clues ready for you. Just print and organize the hunt in a very simple and fun way.

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