10 do-it-yourself gifts to give to your husband or boyfriend

It is not always easy to offer a special gift to your husband or boyfriend and there will always come a time when it seems that we already offer everything there was to offer! The next time you are faced with this situation, choose to offer a “do it yourself” gift, made with your own hands and the love you always have.

  1. Print a photo of yourself from your last vacation or other moment that you won’t want to forget so quickly and put it in a personalized frame for you: you can paint it, decorate it with shells that you picked up on the beach or make decoupage with images that you may have a special meaning for you as a couple.
  2. Compile a very romantic little book of treats with vouchers for a massage, a candlelit dinner, an afternoon watching a movie chosen by him, among other treats that your husband or boyfriend particularly appreciates. If you have a knack for drawing, you can also create this “do it yourself” gift by hand, making it even more original.
  3. If your husband or boyfriend is a good fork, especially of all that is sweet, make a few dozen of your favorite cookies and put them in a nice container for him to take to work, for example. If you love gums or other sweets, fill a vintage can and offer it – a simple and tasty “do it yourself” gift!
  4. If you’re good at knitting, make a scarf in the colors of your husband’s or boyfriend’s favorite club so that he can take it with you whenever you go to see your team play. An exclusive gift that no one else will have – after all, isn’t that the main goal of “do it yourself” gifts?
  5. All couples have their own soundtrack, so there is no better “do it yourself” gift than a playlist that reminds you of you and you as a couple. To get a surprise effect, upload it to the iPod without him knowing… and leave a note with the news!
  6. Collect and print your best photos and, together with travel tickets, concert tickets and other memories of your life as a couple, create a scrapbook of memories. A do-it-yourself gift to remember later …
  7. Record a personal and intimate video where you talk openly about yourself, him and you. Be creative: dress up, use props, posters, music … and then send the video by email or put it on your phone and send an SMS inviting you to see it! A do-it-yourself gift that will certainly be a big surprise!
  8. Does your husband or boyfriend have a collection whose pieces are unfortunately spread all over the place? Organize all the memories he has of his favorite club, the hobby he loves or the band he worships in one place and see his radiant face when he discovers this “do it yourself” gift.
  9. Men in general love their cars, so show them that you know that by preparing a car kit: put a handy torch, a compass, a pocket knife, a map inside a practical and sturdy box. first aid kit, a mini tool kit, tissues, a notepad and one or two pens for him to keep in the car afterwards. A do-it-yourself gift that will surprise your better half!
  10. A themed do-it-yourself basket is always a great gift to give to your husband or boyfriend and you just need to collect a set of items that he appreciates and arrange everything in a basket, box or other creative container.

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