10 high tech gifts to offer your partner

High technology is increasingly accessible, which means that those gadgets that you have always dreamed of can be available at more inviting prices in physical stores or online. So, get to know 10 high tech gifts to offer to your partner and surprise the master of gadgets at home.

1. Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

This piece, the most recent by the Fitbit brand, is the ideal device for those who like or need to go hiking. Hiking is the exercise of choice for many people and with this feature you will be able to monitor your pulse, the number of steps, calories expended, distance covered and even the quality of sleep! Your partner will love it!

2. The Amazon Echo

Ideal for music lovers, Amazon Echo is a speaker that, in addition to the obvious use of listening to music, works like Siri or Cortana: ask her questions about the weather, traffic, searches and she will answer! A real personal assistant in the form of a column.

3. iRobot Roomba 980

And because neither exercise nor assistants make the latest high technology, we present the iRobot Roomba 980, which can clean your floor while you work or relax at home. The novelty of this model is that you will be able to program it through an application to work at a certain time, it has sensors to not fall down stairs and it switches itself off. Who doesn’t like a robot that saves you the trouble of vacuuming your home?

4. Polaroid Cube + WiFi Lifestyle Action Camera

The Polaroid Cube is Polaroid’s contribution to adventure photography. It is waterproof and shockproof, as well as being able to be mounted on your sports equipment or even in the car. Offer your partner the possibility to keep memories of their adventures through this small device.

5. Mr. Coffee Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Coffee Maker

For those difficult mornings or simply because you prefer to make life easier, your partner can use this gift to have coffee ready at any time you want. It works with the help of a mobile application and the home Wi-Fi network.

6. Apple Watch Sport

Perhaps you are already familiar with smart watches. This is the latest version of Apple, which is perfect for sportspeople. You will accompany your partner in your exercises with information about them and the weather conditions, for example.

7. Canon EOS Rebel SLR Digital Camera

One of the most popular digital cameras today is the Canon EOS Rebel SLR. For a more affordable price you will get a better effect when it comes to photographs without having to spend a lot of money. If you want to foster a taste for your partner’s photography, this is the ideal gift!

8. DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K Quadcopter Drone with Video Camera

Since drones first appeared, most people have dreamed of having one. This drone, due to having professional bases and an excellent camera, shoots in 4K and will delight your partner.

9. Polaroid Socialmatic Instant Digital Camera

Returning to the cameras, and also to Polaroid, make your partner remember times gone by with the Socialmatic Instant Digital Camera. Don’t be fooled by the retro look, this camera contains lots of current features, without losing the one that made Polaroid a historic piece: printing included in the machine!

10. Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II

For listening to music for long hours (the battery lasts 10 hours) or even answering calls with a loud voice, this speaker works via Bluetooth, meaning your partner can pair it with other devices so you can listen to the music you love he likes.

These are just a few simple ideas for choosing spectacular gifts. High technology is now more accessible to the general public and this is a good reason to give a gift to someone special who cannot resist the advances in technology and modernity. With a gift like this, your partner will be forever grateful!

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