20 Gift Ideas for Advertising Friend

Advertisers are especially creative and active people, who escape the routine and look for new ideas all the time. They stick to details and appearances and see the world in a different way.

When watching a movie or advertisement with an advertiser, be ready for an analytical conversation on every point, from photography to special effects. He has unfailing personal marketing techniques and is likely to always be surrounded by friends.

Giving a gift to an advertiser requires a good deal of creativity to escape the commonplace. So, let’s go to the tips:

Women’s T-shirt with different design

Whether in college, on the street or at the gym, your advertising friend likes to innovate in the visual. A T-shirt with design and 3D print has this characteristic.

Diverticon Mug Advertising

With the phrase “In a serious relationship with… # advertising & advertising”, this diverticon mug is beautiful and versatile. A cheap, fun and useful gift at the same time, as it keeps liquids warm for longer.

Puff sofa that turns into a single bed

For those moments when your friend needs a comfortable place to stimulate creativity.

Hand moisturizer

The advertiser has his hands exposed all the time, whether creating campaigns or closing deals with customers. So, whether you are a man or a woman, a hand moisturizer may indeed be a good choice.


More agility and security without having to take your cell phone out of your bag. That is how smartwatches work, with the same functionalities as a cell phone and more practical on a daily basis. It will help in the work of your friend, who asks for exactly all this. Besides being very beautiful.

Portable charger

An advertiser really uses his cell phone and tablet a lot for contacts and jobs. Having a portable charger for these work tools doesn’t run out of battery in the most needed hours is essential.

Spray Mist Finisher

To keep your advertising friend’s make up beautiful for longer. It also serves to soothe and refresh the skin.

Notebook support table

Is your advertising buddy a workaholic or has an important project to deliver? This support table with height and tilt adjustment, two coolers, a place for a mouse, cup holder and pen holder, light and portable will help a lot. Your friend can use it at home, at work, at the airport, so he can work wherever he is with comfort and practicality.

Residential Treadmill

Often, advertising work takes a long time and there is no space left on the agenda to go to the gym. Give your friend an incentive to keep exercising with a home treadmill.

George Nelson Sunburst Watch

For the advertiser who likes a more creative decoration.

Women’s Blazer

Advertisers like to dress well and in style. A casual blazer for work or the occasion your friend wants to wear, is a suggestion.

Popcorn and Glass Holder Cushion

Get ready to hear lots of comments and criticisms about every detail of the advertiser’s film. Just don’t forget to give popcorn. And to get better, this popcorn holder and cup is a nice gift.

Perfume Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Getting out of the ordinary is a style of the advertiser. The Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume comes in a different bottle from other perfumes. Beautiful and original. Every woman wants to have one, especially an advertising person.

Romero Britto Frames Kit

The whole combination of colors and patterns by Romero Britto will stimulate the creativity of the advertiser. The kit comes with four paintings by the artist.


To give a boost to your advertising buddy who is starting an agency, a multifunction printer is an idea.

Nike Centauro Shoes

Advertisers like to dress well and in style, so why not take a sneaker by following these steps?

Photographic camera

Do you want to give strength to the friend who wants to open an advertising agency? A quality photo camera is a good start.

Book “Persuasion in advertising – 33 psychological techniques to convince”

A book that can help in the work of the advertiser.

Trinket Advertising

Beads are delicate and beautiful gifts.

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