10 unique gifts for gardeners

For those who would like to present gardening friends or family with a gift that goes against this passion for the land and Mother Nature, this is a list of ideas that they will love to use in the middle of their garden! Do you know anyone with this passion? So be inspired by these gifts … as long as they are offered with care, they will be a special ingredient to guarantee good harvests!

1. Gardening diary

Creating a calendar where the gardener can write down all the details of his activity (planting / sowing times, characteristics of each species, weather information, etc.) is an original idea and will certainly be highly appreciated.

2. Vases … empty or full!

ROSÉPEPPAR Vase with handles IKEA

An apparently obvious and simple offer, it can, however, become a special option if customized. The clay pots can be painted in several ways: with the name of the person who will receive it, with decorative motifs or, even more special, a package can be made with pots painted with the flowers they will house, containing each one their seeds.

3. Pruning shears

This instrument is always well received by lovers of gardening. It is essential for the activity, so it is recommended to offer pruning shears of the highest possible quality.

4. Herb kits

ÖRTIG Comb aromatic herbs 1 tab 3 pots IKEA Contains everything needed to plant 3 species of aromatic herbs.

This novelty marks the great current trend for lovers of cultivation. These are structures applicable on walls, with small cultivation vials, ideal for planting a wonderful garden of aromatic herbs in small places such as balconies or even on the windowsills.

5. Tool belt

So that all gardening tools can always be “at hand”, this is a perfect gift for anyone who spends hours and hours taking care of their garden.

6. Gardening gloves

Gardening gloves are another excellent gift to offer to those who like to walk with their hands on the ground, the most suitable being those that are covered in leather, due to their impermeability and because they are more durable. A pair with a funny pattern will also be welcomed!

7. Decorative slates

These small decorative elements, available in decoration stores, are nothing more than mini shale or slate frames, where it is possible to write, being used in flower beds or vases to identify everything that has been planted. They are a real treat for the garden, giving a very nice and picturesque detail to the spaces where they are applied.

8. Wellies for the garden

Whoever dedicates a lot of time to the garden, needs to walk comfortably, warm and dry … and that is what gardening wellies are for. Available in the most diverse colors and patterns, there will be models for all tastes!

9. Beehive for beginners

Although a little more expensive, this can be a very interesting gift for those who have a garden and would love to add an extra special element like a beehive. Keeping a family of bees is not only a good addition to gardening, it also makes it possible to harvest homemade honey.

10. Gardening basket

You can also offer a personalized gardening basket where, in a beautiful basket, bucket or watering can, you gather several gifts connected to the garden: assorted seeds, soil, a pair of gloves, scissors, shovel, tool belt, some pots of aromatic plants assorted, a book or magazine about gardening … Do-it-yourself baskets are nice offers and are especially suitable to encourage beginners in the activity.

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