22 5 year dating gift ideas

Celebrating 5 years of dating is something that deserves attention and care, after all it is a special date and that marks many moments of the relationship. So, nothing to present the beloved or loved one with a T-shirt or the usual perfume. The tip for this special date is to use creativity and, of course, observation. If the person has a dream, a desire or is in need of something, show that you noticed and that you care about giving that gift to them.

But if you are feeling blocked in the face of so much pressure, don’t worry. We made a very cool and practical list with very creative gift ideas to celebrate 5 years of dating. Check out!

  1. Retrospective photo frame

The first tip is one of the most creative ones that you can make yourself or, if you prefer, order from a store. A picture with pictures that marked the five years of relationship. It is a cute gift that can be decorated in your love’s room.

  1. Basket of delicacies

A very neat basket, full of delicacies, can be a great way to present your boyfriend or girlfriend on that date. Do it yourself and choose all the sweet and savory foods, in addition to the person’s favorite drinks. Depending on the situation, you can enjoy all of this together.

  1. Basket with cheeses and wines

To make a night more romantic, how about a basket with a good bottle of wine, cheese and some other food? A great gift to spice up the relationship and fill the celebration with lots of romance.

  1. Kit of beers and delicacies

Or, if you prefer beers, this idea is much better for the celebration. The tip is to bet on artisanal drinks, the kind that we don’t usually buy routinely.

  1. Kit of the 5 senses

If you want to give something more creative, see how cool this kit of 5 senses. The idea here is to give each one a gift. Something to eat to sharpen the palate, a perfume for the sense of smell, a CD with music for listening and so on. Use your creativity and you can even spice up the relationship.

  1. A gift for each dating year

Another idea is to present your loved one with a gift for each year of dating, which symbolizes your relationship. A box of chocolate for the first year that was sweet, a bouquet of flowers that symbolizes the glory and achievements of the second year and so on.

  1. Digital picture frame

For those more passionate about technology, how about a retro-digital holder with the photos that most marked and that most represent your relationship? It’s a really cool gift, but you can also write a card explaining the reasons for the photos you’ve selected.

  1. Romantic picture frame

Or, if you are short on cash, the tip is a simple picture frame, but in a romantic format. Once again the tip is to choose the right photos and write a very neat love letter.

  1. Mini Scrapbooking Album

Look how beautiful this mini album is. Some stores sell, but you can do it yourself, choosing the best images and some phrases that tell your story during these five years together.

  1. Romantic home cinema kit

Not being able to invest much in the present, but would you like something for you to celebrate together? Then make a kit, with popcorn, popcorn bucket, glasses, drinks, pillows and a DVD with their favorite movie. A special night for couples in love with movies or series.

  1. Tour of the first meeting place

Where did you meet or where did you first meet? After five years together visiting this place will be something that will bring great memories and can help to give that revitalized in love. A great way to celebrate that special date.

  1. Retrospective film

How about creating a special moment for the two of you and showing a very romantic retrospective video? You can select the photos and music and have them done or, if you know how to edit, you can produce it yourself. The gift may be just for you, but it can also be posted on social media as a declaration of public love.

  1. Romantic dinner

A romantic, candlelight dinner that you can prepare yourself at home or choose a very special restaurant. A way to celebrate and renew the bonds of love.

  1. Romantic surprise picnic

Another fun and simple idea is to prepare a surprise picnic. Take your loved one for a walk in a beautiful park in your city and prepare a basket full of delicacies and drinks for you to enjoy the afternoon or morning together. It can also be in a good place to watch the sunset. What do you think?

  1. Spa day at home

A relaxing day at a spa at home is a great idea to spice up the relationship. Buy scented candles and scented creams, put on some relaxing music and offer a special massage.

  1. Romantic trip

Does your boyfriend or boyfriend have a dream of traveling somewhere? So the idea is to present the person with the romantic trip. It can also be something simpler, in just one weekend, for a neighboring city. You don’t have to spend a lot to make an unforgettable trip for two.

  1. Personal care kit

Is your boyfriend or girlfriend very vain? So the ideal gift for him or her is a basket full of personal care products, such as skin, hand and face creams, soaps, perfumes, makeup items or shaving items.

  1. Safe box for future dreams

These paintings are incredible, creative and great for those couples who want to save money to make a dream come true together. It can be a trip or for the wedding itself.

  1. Personalized cushion 5 years

Look how cute these pillows are! They are great to decorate the room of the loved one with a lot of affection and love. It is easy to find stores that make this type of gift.

  1. Box of chocolates heart

Who doesn’t like to receive chocolates as a gift, right ?! It is always a great gift suggestion. Choose more romantic, heart-shaped boxes or gourmet chocolates.

  1. Love dice or games

For couples who want to give a warmer touch to the relationship the tip is to bet on games or erotic dice. It is something fun to get out of the routine and renew the passion between the couple.

  1. Personalized jewelry

And, last but not least, a personalized jewel. It can be a chain, a pendant or, who knows, even a wedding ring. After all, 5 years is enough time for that, don’t you agree ?!

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