15 Gifts Business Ideas for 2020

O female entrepreneurship it is a growing reality in our country. According to United Nations data, UN, 24 million women undertake in Brazil. But, compared to the number of male entrepreneurs, that number is even lower.

Despite this, women entrepreneurs have a higher level of education (16% higher than men). In return, they earn 22% less than entrepreneurs.

To change this scenario, it is necessary to encourage women to undertake more and more. Want to integrate the data of female entrepreneurship? We have separated 15 profitable and interesting business ideas. Check out!

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1- Clothing store

The clothing trade is an area that always has an audience and great numbers, with constant growth.

You can set up a physical or virtual store – and even resell parts directly at customers’ homes.

To differentiate yourself, it is also worth focusing on a niche, such as plus size, sports, luxury, etc.

2- Cosmetics shop

Another sector with very positive numbers is that of cosmetics.

Here, the tip is to prefer natural and vegan cosmetics.

It is also possible to produce your products by hand, such as soaps, flavorings and handcrafted creams.

3- Playroom

Create a playroom

Every day more, parents need to spend several hours outside the home and suffer when it comes to finding safe places and activities for their children.

At playrooms have grown in some cities, as an interesting option for school breaks and for specific times and needs.

If you like to deal with children, this is a great idea. You will be able to invest in teams of monitors, storytellers and various activities to entertain and encourage children.

4- Dog label

Brazilians are passionate about pets. It is estimated that there are about 139 million pets in Brazil.

And a way to create an innovative business in this area is by developing a dog label.

You can set up a physical or online store to sell clothes, accessories, collars and other differentiated items.

5- Marmitaria fitness

One of the obstacles to female entrepreneurship, generally, is the lack of resources to open a business of their own.

But the good news is that there are several ideas that do not require very large initial capital.

The pottery fitness is one such example. You will be able to produce lunch boxes at home and sell them fresh or frozen, in addition to putting together customized plans according to your customers’ menus.

6- Professional makeup artist

Another business idea that doesn’t require a lot of investment is to become a professional makeup artist.

You will have to invest in courses, brushes and makeup. Afterwards, you can provide services in beauty salons or work at clients’ homes.

The important thing is to be always up to date and have enough technical knowledge.

7- Baby products store

Another interesting branch to invest in is clothing, accessories and products in general for babies.

In addition to mothers, these stores attract several people, such as grandparents, uncles, friends and relatives in general.

The store can be physical or virtual and count on numerous items for the layette and the babies’ needs.

8- Brigadiers and gourmet sweets

The gourmet brigadeiros are on the rise and are sought after as gifts, for party orders and in various situations.

If you like the confectionery industry, how about this idea? You can set up a small shop to sell and pick up orders of brigadeiros and gourmet sweets.

To differentiate yourself, think of solutions such as brigadeiro casters, express deliveries or exclusive flavors.

9- Women’s accessories store

Which woman doesn’t like a good accessory, doesn’t she?

With a wide variety of products, the accessories store is an excellent idea of ​​female entrepreneurship.

You can resell the pieces or produce them by hand and the sale can be physical or online.

10- Gourmet popcorn

The area of gastronomy allows a great diversity of businesses and niches.

Gourmet popcorn is on the rise and continues to attract interested parties.

You can start at home yourself and, as you grow, expand to a physical point or online.

11- Consulting company

If you already work in an area and are a successful professional, how about offering consultancies in your sector?

It is possible to open a management, marketing, finance and even entrepreneurship consultancy.

In fact, this is the chance to encourage other women to undertake.

12- Lingerie store

In addition to clothing, good lingerie is also essential, isn’t it?

And this is a great business idea!

You can set up a lingerie store, bikinis and even a sex shop together.

13- Mobile pet shop

We have already shown in this content how the pet sector is on the rise.

But how about innovating and bringing more convenience to your customers?

The mobile pet shop is a very cool idea. You can offer bathing and grooming services, tours and also sell products such as collars, rations, beds, shampoos etc.

14- Day care for the elderly

The Brazilian population is aging. And it is important to think about businesses that bring more quality of life to these people.

The daycare center for the elderly is a really cool idea for women entrepreneurs.

At the site, the elderly can spend the day performing various activities, socializing and meeting other people.

15- Video lesson

Give video lessons

Give video lessons | Photograph

How about harnessing your knowledge and teaching other people? You can set up video lessons crafts, business, home care, gastronomy and many others.

It is also an idea to set up a portal that encourages other women to create their online courses.

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