Different Gift for Mother’s Day »15 Beautiful Ideas!


When it comes to surprising those we like, nothing better than giving a gift with something creative, isn’t it? So the different gift for Mother’s Day is successful.

But how to get out of the commonplace and find something that is creative and still manages to please and surprise our mother?

To answer this question it is always important to keep an eye on your mother’s style and personality, looking for creative options that have a bearing on who she is or likes to do.

If you are in doubt, we will help you! We put together a list of gifts for mom with very unusual options that will surprise this Mother’s Day. Check out!

Oh and be sure to see to the end of the page, because there is a video with a step by step how to make a bouquet of bonbons, your mom will love it.

1- Digital picture frame

O picture frame it’s a traditional Mother’s Day gift. But how about innovating?

The digital option is very cool and allows you to include photos and presentations via USB, USB stick or SD card.

In addition to the elegant design, these frames have different functions such as zoom, brightness adjustment, colors and contrast.

2- Personalized cell phone case

Custom items are always good creative gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

After all, you can leave them with their mother’s style and personality.

A simple but very nice option is the personalized cell phone case with photos.

3- Mother and children tattoo

THE tattoo honoring the mother it is a different way of showing all your love and care.

If your mom likes this item, how about investing in tattooing as a different gift for Mother’s Day?

It is possible that you and your mother get the same tattoo, tattoo complementary items, or that you get a tattoo honoring her.

4- Balloon ride

Is your mother an adventurous type and loves to collect good experiences?

Instead of things, give them unforgettable moments.

A balloon ride will be a totally different experience and one that will surely bring great memories for several years.

5- Instant camera

For modern and technological mothers, the instant digital camera is an excellent different gift idea for Mother’s Day.

It allows you to take digital photos and print them in polaroid format instantly.

This model of the image, in addition to the camera, has 3 colored filters, bag and film for 10 poses.

6- Custom frame

Another idea of ​​a personalized product is the photo collage.

There are several models and styles able to match the decor of your mother’s home or office.

Choose some nice pictures of you as a family and invest in this idea to surprise the big mom!

7- SPA Day

How about using the Mother’s Day gift to help yours relax?

The Day Spa is an excellent idea. In it, you will pay your mother to spend an entire day enjoying the treatments available at the chosen SPA.

There are several SPAs that offer special Mother’s Day packages – and some also include children for an unforgettable time.

8- Smartwatch

Is your mom fitness, loves sports, or is she trying to change her lifestyle and become healthier?

A good gift suggestion for Mother’s Day is the smartwatch.

With it, your mother will be able to track the number of steps during the day, hours of sleep, blood pressure, heart rate, calories expended and much more!

9- Makeup class

Investing in a class is a creative and surprising gift idea for Mother’s Day.

The experiences are also good gift suggestions for a mom who has everything.

In addition to the makeup class, you can think of others she might like, like ballroom dancing, gardening, embroidery, cooking, wine tasting etc.

10- Personalized wine kit

Does your mom love wines? There are many ideas for gifts for mothers day with that item.

An example is this personalized wine kit.

It has 5 pieces: spout lid, wine collar, conductive spout with lid, corkscrew and seal cutter.

11- Manicure kit

Is the money short? No problem! There are also different gift ideas for Mother’s Day and very cheap.

After all, there are many gift suggestions in the style do it yourself.

This manicure kit is super easy to do, just use a glass jar and add nail polish of different colors, files, cotton, cuticle softening cream, nail stickers etc.

12- Massager vest

Is your mother’s routine heavy and is she always tired and in pain?

A different gift that will be successful is the massager vest, ideal for use after a long day at work.

In addition to massaging the neck and shoulders, it can also be used to relieve tension in the waist, abdomen, feet and legs, simulating the movements of a shiatzu massage.

13- Mother’s Day surprise party

How about organizing friends and family to celebrate Mother’s Day?

The surprise party is an incredible idea that will leave your mother thrilled.

Gather the special people, take care of the decoration and, of course, do not let your mother know anything ahead of time!

14- Gourmet brigadeiro


Chocolates for Mother’s Day are always in high demand.

After all, they please almost all women and you can think of several different items.

O Brigadeiro Gourmet it is delicious and it is possible to assemble a kit with different flavors and a special decoration.

15- Custom planner

The planner is a great idea to help your mother to organize better, both in professional, domestic and personal tasks.

A nice idea is the personalized planner, with your mother’s initials on the cover, her name inside the planner and the option to choose the ways you want to organize your goals.

Learn how to make a different gift for Mother’s Day!

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