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When it comes to pleasing and surprising on the second Sunday in May, there are many tips for cheap gifts for Mother’s Day.

After all, it is not the value of the item that matters, but your intention and affection in giving gifts to those who matter to you.

When choosing a cheap Mother’s Day gift, think of something that is related to your mother’s personality, that is useful in her routine and that is creative and different.

It is very difficult to think of what to give to a mother with little money? We help you! We separated 15 cool and economical tips. Come and see!

Oh and be sure to see to the end of the page, because there is a video with many other tips for cheap gifts for Mother’s Day, she will love it.

1- Makeup kit

Is it difficult to think of a gift for a vain mother?

The makeup kit is very successful – and there are several versions, with different prices.

This one has a eyeshadow palette, highlighter, eye pencil and eyelash mask and costs less than R $ 50!

2- Earring and bracelets kit

At jewelry also always appear among the tips of cheap gifts for Mother’s Day.

After all, there are a number of different models and styles, able to match mothers of all ages and personalities.

This model of the image is made by hand and in old gold, leaving any mother more elegant (and helping her pocket, as it costs less than R $ 50).

3- Succulent pot

The cacti and succulents are on the rise and are great for decorating the house.

If your mom likes plants and is a gardening fan, how about this treat?

Choose a vase or personalized cachepot to make the gift more special.

4- Personalized pillow and mug

Personalized items are very popular on Mother’s Day.

And they are good ideas for cheap but extremely creative gifts.

A really cool inspiration is this kit with pillow and personalized mug.

5- Facial electric sponge

Does your mother like to take care of herself? Then bet on personal care items.

The electric facial cleansing sponge is a best seller and there are models with very affordable prices.

It can be used on all skin types and helps to eliminate blackheads, pimples, remove makeup and leave skin renewed.

6- Sneakers

Which woman doesn’t like nice shoes, doesn’t she?

Sneakers are great tips for inexpensive Mother’s Day gifts.

There are several models and styles that match different personalities.

7- Gourmet brigadeiro


Chocolates and treats are always remembered in the lists of gifts for Mother’s Day.

This idea you can order ready-made or it can be an inspiration for homemade Mother’s Day gift.

The important thing is, if you are going to do the Brigadeiro, opt for noble ingredients and differentiated recipes.

8- Crochet clutch

The clutch is a smaller bag, to carry small items, and that never goes out of style.

For vain mothers who love to dress well, it is an indispensable accessory.

How about investing in a handmade version made in crochet? This model, besides being beautiful, is very cheap!

9- Picture frame

The picture frames are good memories of Mother’s Day, which cost little, but can be personalized.

Many people think that this item is “out of style”.

However, there are charming and creative options that will surely win over your mother. Also, choose the photo.

10- Candy bouquet

O bouquet bonbon is one of those cheap gift ideas that you can buy ready-made or make at home.

Just choose your mother’s favorite candies and then assemble a beautiful bouquet.

Use crepe paper and create a structure to support the chocolates. Isn’t it a creative and different idea?

11- Safe box

O Mother’s Day gift it can also be a way of encouraging you to make your dreams come true.

The safe box, in addition to decorating the house, helps to save money for something special.

There are several models, such as travel frames, for the new car and other more generic ones, which allow the mother to choose what she wants to save for.

12- Custom T-shirt

How about offering your mother a totally special and unique gift?

THE custom T-shirt it’s a creative and humorous idea.

There are countless templates with different phrases to choose from – and many allow you to include your mother’s name or photo.

13- Jewelry holder

The jewelry box is a cheap gift idea and useful for Mother’s Day.

You find different models, for all styles of mother.

The one in the picture is classic and elegant – and your mother will surely think it is a very expensive item!

14- Handmade Soap Kit

The handmade soaps are great Mother’s Day souvenirs.

More affordable, they allow you to create varied and very cool kits as a gift.

This one has 3 Provençal soaps and a hand towel. Isn’t it a treat?

15- Personalized Mother’s Day board

Chalkboard-style paintings are high on the decor.

You can edit yours with a personalized message and photos with your mom.

See many tips for cheap gifts for Mother’s Day!

The situation is difficult and the money is short, isn’t it? So here are some more ideas for giving your mom a little money.

Did you like our cheap Mother’s Day gift tips? Not find what you were looking for?

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