20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend 2021

Christmas is a magical time, as is good dating. Giving your boyfriend a good Christmas present is essential to demonstrate how important your partner is to you, we have selected the best 2021 Christmas gift ideas for you and surprise your better half. We have gifts of all prices to fit all budgets and tastes. Don’t let Christmas go unnoticed by your love.

Imported fragrance

Perfume is a very personal gift, but as it is for your husband, you know which one he likes best, or better, which one you like most about him. Let’s take a hint at one of the most purchased imported ones, the Acqua by Gió Giorgio Armani.

Wireless mouse

Mice are used by just about everyone. At least for everyone who uses notebooks and computers. If this is the case for your friend, bet on those that are wireless, more practical for everyday life, especially for those who walk up and with the notebook.

Men’s wallet

Try to take a look at the current state of his wallet. If you find yourself a little old and torn, you can bet on a new wallet as a gift. You will find very cool models for values ​​between 60 and 100 reais.

Custom decorative frame (DIY)

There are hundreds of videos on the internet teaching how to make these romantic pictures as a gift for your partner. It is a cooler idea than the other. You can tell your story, make a declaration of love, print a photo that well symbolizes your relationship and so on.

Personalized mugs with chocolates

Another very cool idea that can be customized are mugs. See how cool this kero kit mug idea is. Just fill it with chocolate and that’s it, you’ll have a creative and delicious gift to surprise your loved one.

Executive Pens

Executive lovers, lawyers, administrators, journalists and other professions may like to win a nice pen, like the one in the photo below. You will find several legal options with values ​​up to 100 reais.

Electric grill

An option for those who like it, but don’t always have space for a barbecue. If your husband is one of those, giving an electric barbecue is a good gift. And her ideal is that it smokes less and is easy to clean.


A gift suggestion for the husband who plays the handyman at home. It broke, there he goes to fix it. If he already has a tool bag, see the ones he doesn’t have yet and assemble a new kit.

Mobile Speakers

Boxes that amplify the sound of the cell phone are sensational. After all, nowadays everyone carries their favorite playlist on their cell phones.


Running shoes can be the stimulus your husband needed to start or an incentive to keep running. There are several models and prices. We chose one with a more basic price, but you can choose others.

Gift Natura Kaiak

Increasingly, men like to take care of themselves. So, giving a kit with cologne, body deo, soap, shaving gel and aftershave together with a makeup bag, yes, because a man also uses it, is a very good gift. Of course, you need to know a little about the taste of perfumes. In general, Natura’s perfumes tend to please a lot.


Headphones are a good gift for those who know you can’t live without listening to your favorite music, but need new or better headphones for that. About quality, the more expensive, the better the phone. If you can’t afford to spend a lot on this, this JBL T290 In-Ear version is one of the most popular on the market, with an affordable price and sound quality.

Digital picture frame

For those more passionate about technology, how about a digital retro holder with the photos that most marked and that most represent your relationship? It’s a really cool gift, but you can also write a card explaining the reasons for the photos you’ve selected.

Romantic home cinema kit

Not being able to invest much in the present, but would you like something for you to celebrate together? Then make a kit, with popcorn, popcorn bucket, glasses, drinks, pillows and a DVD with their favorite movie. A special night for couples in love with movies or series.

Jewels – rings and / or chains

These chains are pretty cool and some couples have already replaced the dating rings for them. If you prefer something traditional, how about giving your love a commitment ring.

Hulk T-Shirt

In summer, shirts are better gifts. How about choosing a very different and fun print, like that of the Hulk ?! Comics lovers will surely love it.

Clapperboard Lamp

Another great gift idea are the lamps, which can be used in the decoration of the bedroom and even the living room or other environments in people’s homes. For geeks in love with cinema, this clapperboard will really be something to never forget. You will find it on Brazilian websites and spend around 150 reais to acquire it.

Iron Man Thermal Cup

For those people who love hot drinks, such as teas and coffees, thermal cups can be a great gift idea. In online stores you can find several cool prints to please all tastes and, the best, without spending a lot. This Iron Man cup, for example, costs only 36 reais.

Super Boyfriend Photo Frames

Another cool idea of ​​frames we found on the internet is that of the super boyfriend, with reference to comic books. ShopFácil costs only 29 reais.

Spiderman sleeping mask

For sleepers, a sleeping mask is a great gift. The best part is that there are masks with creative and super cool prints, like that of Spiderman, which we separate to illustrate. Etna’s website is costing 36 reais.

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