20 creative chocolate gift ideas for boyfriend

Is your boyfriend or girlfriend addicted and in love with chocolate and are you thinking of giving him / her a creative gift using chocolate? So you just found the right place. There are many ways to use chocolate as a gift and surprise someone, especially if that someone is the loved one.

The first tip, first of all, is to choose the person’s favorite chocolate. That is, if she likes white chocolate better, give it preference. If she likes a particular brand, choose that brand. So, however simple the gift, it is certain that the person will love. Now, let’s go to the ideas. Check out the list with 20 suggestions that we have separated for you.

  1. Brigadeiros gourmets and bottle of sparkling wine

Our first tip is this beautiful and tasty box, with gourmet brigadeiros and a mini bottle of sparkling wine. So, you can share the gift and make the moment even more special and romantic. A great idea, don’t you think ?!

  1. Brigadeiro with whiskey bottle

This suggestion is already for those who are very fond of whiskey. Brigadiers can even contain this ingredient in the recipe. You can order to guarantee the quality or make it yourself, if you have this skill in the preparation of sweets.

  1. Personalized chocolate bar

Without much money to invest in the present, but want to give something with sentimental value? So look how creative this idea is, a chocolate bar with a personalized cover. Write “I love you more than chocolate” and choose the favorite bar of the person who will receive the gift.

  1. Truffles in heart box

Truffles are delicious! Choose several different flavors and place them in a heart-shaped box. The gift is beautiful, delicate, and very delicious. I bet you’re going to ask her to share it with you, aren’t you ?!

  1. Chocolate plate “I love you”

Another very cool idea that you will easily find in any chocolate store are the signs with declarations of love. See how cute we found it, with several candies around. It is a delicate and very passionate gift.

  1. Bouquet of chocolates

A bouquet of flowers is always a very delicate gift and many women love to win, but a bouquet of chocolate can be even more interesting, especially for the chocoholics on duty. See how beautiful they look! And you can make it with your favorite chocolate, with truffles or with fruit bathed in chocolate. It’s up to you.

  1. Chocolate Wedding Proposal

Do you want to ask a chocoholic to marry him? So bet on that idea. A box of brigadier gourmets with the order. I’m sure the person will be very surprised and will love this sweet request.

  1. Personalized box of chocolates

It doesn’t take much to please someone who loves chocolates. Buy a nice box and fill it with the person’s favorite chocolates. You can be sure that whoever receives it will love to know that you have paid attention to her tastes and know exactly which are your favorite chocolates.

  1. Arrangement of strawberry with chocolate

Look at that most delicate and delicious thing. They are arranged in cups, with strawberries bathed in chocolate. It is beautiful, besides being very tasty. Another excellent gift idea for a chocolate lover.

  1. “I want to bis with you” box

There is always room to be even more creative. See this box of Bis completely transformed and full of declarations of love. Say you want Bis from the person, from her company, from the hugs, from the kisses, from the advice and so on. It takes a little bit of work to do, but it looks really cool.

  1. “You are a dream” box

Or, you can use that delicious bonbon, called Sonho de Valsa, to say that the person is like a real dream in your life. Make a personalized box, write something that has to do with dreams, and fill the box with chocolate.

  1. Mug with chocolates

Mugs filled with chocolates are also cool gift ideas. You will find ready-made kits in chocolate shops, but you can also have a personalized mug made with a photo of the couple or a passionate phrase, and filled with chocolates, chocolates and truffles.

  1. Fondue Mug

Speaking of mugs, look how cool these are for making fondue. They have a small opening at the bottom, where a small candle is placed, which will keep the chocolate melted for you to dip fruits. Make a kit with the mug, the fruits and also the chocolate bar to melt.

  1. Chocolate video game control

For boyfriends or girlfriends who are as addicted to games as they are to chocolates, look what a good idea, a remote control made of chocolate. It is a very different and creative gift. What do you think?

  1. Chocolate guitar

For musicians, how about a guitar made of chocolate, or several chocolates together forming a guitar? It is a way to really surprise someone who loves the instrument and also loves chocolates.

  1. Loading love card with chocolate

Look how creative and cute this card is. They are small tablets of chocolates with a percentage, as if love were carrying them. Despite being something you find ready in chocolate stores, you can also make yours, your way and with your message. Just use your creativity.

  1. Chocolate box with heart team

This gift is for football fanatics, but who also love chocolates. You will find baskets like this from all teams and, again, it is a gift that you can personalize yourself.

  1. Card with chocolate bars

Select the person’s favorite chocolates and think of a letter using the names of the chocolates. See the example below, how it turned out to be cool and very creative.

  1. Box with declarations of love

Very cute and romantic this idea, there are several chocolate tablets with personalized packaging and declarations of love. Think about everything you love and admire about the person and put it on the packaging.

  1. Chocolate, wine and flower basket

And finally, a much more romantic idea, with red roses, wine, glasses and, of course, the favorite chocolate.

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