5 solutions on how to organize toys at home

When you see those images of the houses in magazines, websites and profiles, the one where nothing is out of place, doesn’t it give you the feeling that you don’t have children, pets or even adults there? Because, on a daily basis, it is difficult to leave everything so impeccable and, when we have children at home, it is common to have toys in the living room, in the kitchen, in the laundry … In fact, more than usual, it is necessary. According to Nylse Helena Silva Cunha, specialized teacher, pedagogue and a very special woman who, unfortunately, has passed away, “There is no point in limiting the child’s action to a single corner of the house. You can even have a corner or a toy library at home, but we cannot exaggerate wanting the child’s action to be reduced exclusively there ”.

So, you may be wondering: but how does the house not become a mess, full of toys scattered everywhere? Is there any way? So, there is a way! In this post here we will highlight 5 solutions on how to organize toys at home. Thus, the spaces can be occupied by children, but without becoming a chaos that bothers everyone.

Ah! If you prefer, we also have the 5 solutions on how to organize toys at home on video. Click here or in the image below to watch.

01 – Separate

You can even do a little work, but the first step in organizing toys at home is to make the separation. Take a moment to do this, because then you can calmly spread the toys on the floor and start to separate into three categories: use, donate and repair. Sometimes, you don’t even need to fix it, you just need a good cleaning, the one brushed in the dolls’ hair, a bath in the dolls and little pieces.

So, for this cleansing moment, enjoy and involve the children. As Patricia Camargo shows in this post here, with a little imagination and the participation of the children it is possible that this activity becomes a very fun game. In the post, she gives toy cleaning tips and shows the games that arose in this process with the children.

02 – Sort

After implementing the first how to organize toys at home, enjoy that they are separated and still on the floor (so you can see all the items) and start sorting. Organize toys into categories that work for you such as age, day of the week, holidays, indoors, swimming pool, etc. In fact, he wants a solution for organize and classify that sea of ​​toys do we have at home? The ones we always stumble or don’t know where it ended up and the little pieces of the puzzle that we lost in the middle of that pile of boxes? Watch the video and get surprise with the simplicity of this solution and how well it organizes the sea of ​​toys.

03 – Incorporate

I know it may seem more practical, from the point of view of organization and cleanliness, to let children play only in the bedroom. But, remember what the Nylse Helena Silva Cunha, said: “There is no point in limiting the child’s action to a single corner of the house ”. So, one solution on how to organize toys and give space for children to play around the house is to incorporate them into environments. As Patricia Camargo teaches in the video, you can, for example, separate the toys that you categorized as bath time toys and leave them in a plastic organizer box in the bathroom. You can leave it in a niche in the closet or even in a corner in the box. Another example is put a basket in the room or even a small cupboard to put some toys or books that children like. So, they play in the room and then keep it there. See the example of the photo. This is a basket of toys by Gabi, Patricia Marinho’s youngest daughter, who was in the living room of the house. It was, because Gabi grew up and these toys were hers as a baby. Now, he has new baskets with other toys.

04 – Achieve

Did you know that putting toys within reach of children goes beyond practicality? Yeah right when you leave the toys they use the most in an accessible way you also promote autonomy to take and to store. But, is it possible to leave everything at hand, without messing up the house? Yes, it does! This is our fourth tip among 5 solutions on how to organize toys at home.

In the highlights of Instgaram do Tempojunto, there in Creativity, Patricia Marinho shows us a cart she bought to organize the art materials. As Gabi loves this type of activity, Patricia has it at home various materials such as pencils, papers of the most varied types, lines, funny eyes, paints and so on. So the solution she found to make everything available to Gabi, without making a mess, it was a very practical cart, in addition to being beautiful and that can be taken to other areas of the house because it has wheels.

05 – Take turns

You’ve already organized and left toys within reach of children, but did you know that not everyone needs to be within reach all the time? You can make a rotation, leaving part of the toys on display and changing every month or months. This rotation helps us to have less scattered or disorganized toys, in addition to avoiding excessive stimuli or even that boredom of the child who may feel that he always plays with the same things. Taking turns with toys can even make the child cheer up with the “novelty” – that toy that he has not seen for a long time – and be even happier to play. See an example of how to make this rotation or relay in the image below.

Did you like the proposed solutions? So, enjoy one more special tip, or better 30 tips! Click here or on the image below to watch our short course for free with more 30 ways to organize toys. These are simple and practical ideas, without promoting major changes in your home and without spending a lot of money.

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