20 gift ideas to make fun of your friend

What is the level of friendship between you and your friend? Is it the one where you live making fun and laughing at each other? So, go far.

It is difficult for you to have hot weather, because you always see grace in everything the other person does.

With Friend’s Day coming you want to raise that level and give a gift zoeiro, just like you are. So, let’s go to the suggestions:

CD Amado Batista

Nothing against the singer, but how about giving a CD of it to that friend who likes heavy metal rock, for example?

Medical kit

You have a friend who is a doctor or who says you are going to be a doctor. This toy doctor kit is pretty cool.

Shirt from another team

Give a limited edition Corinthians fan shirt to a purple Palmeirense.

Aquarium stones in the box

Get a pretty box and fill it with aquarium stones. If you want, draw a paper fish and put it together.

Hangover Kit

For the cachaceiro friend, who is always taking one, a hangover kit, with Epocler and a book on how to cure the hangover.

Cleaning Kit

The next on the list is the friend who has a crush on cleaning. Assemble a kit with products and gloves.

Bath Kit

Have you been through the situation of having to tell your friend that he needs to take better care of hygiene or that body odors are not very good? Assemble a kit with deodorant, soap, toothpaste … and say that it is a very useful gift for him.

Love Pet Friend

You know that friend who hates very cute things? Giving a love pet friend all full of cuteness will be really cool.

Refrigerator Penguin

How about a red fridge penguin?

Unicorn Towel

For the macho friend, a unicorn towel.

Uber Gift Card

Gift cards are very impersonal gifts when you don’t know the person and want to make your choice easier. Zoeira is giving a gift card of 25 reais to spend with Uber to your best friend.

Turn Down for What glasses

The expression came up with YouTube videos with people giving cross answers. The glasses is very cool and your friend zoeiro will like it a lot.


Tell your friend that you bought her a new means of transport and give her a broom.

White T-shirt

A gift that nobody wants to win is a white T-shirt, with nothing written on it. Only your friend will.

Avengers Keychain

Make a beautiful gift package and put this Avengers keychain inside. Your friend will be very happy.

Playing Engineer

Gift for a friend who works, studies or intends to do civil engineering. Tell them that they will help in your career.

Frying pan for those who do not know how to cook

For a friend who is a terrible cook. It still comes with a pretty eye-catching print and a skimmer.

Angel bibelots

Resin angels are even cute, but should not be given as gifts. It is better for those who want to have one, choose and buy. But since the goal is to make fun of the friend, just make sure the package is perfect.

The best gift of all

Organize the word “FRIENDSHIP” in EVA letters in a box and give it to your friend saying that he will receive the best gift of all, which is your friendship.

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