20 Gift ideas with tools for Father’s Day

Man loves tools. Since he was a little boy, he plays repairing and asks for toy tools as a gift. When he grows up, he is happy to have a complete suitcase so he can show when he needs to fix something for real. Some really know how to do it and well, others, not so much.

With Father’s Day approaching, the demand for gift-giving tools increases dramatically. Highlighting the complete suitcases. It has boxes of all sizes and with different tools. The question is which one will shine in your father’s eyes. To give you a little help, here are 20 ideas:

Game with 13 pieces

Let’s open the list with this little case of 13 pieces. With a very affordable price you have basic tools in a beautiful case, to give an extra touch when giving the gift to your father.

Kit 28 pieces

This one already has 28 pieces between hammer, pliers and even a saw in a folding case.

Car kit

This is an emergency kit for cars, with 32 parts, including cable for pacifier and flashlight. Very useful.

Drill set

Here, we have a suitcase with 41 sockets and drills that are part of a set. The suggestion is to give it with or after a Bosch drill.

65 pieces

A 65-piece suitcase, including a hot glue gun, measuring tape and flashlight.

Kit 151 pieces

There are 151 pieces between nails and rivets. With the hammer and wrenches in a size that takes up less space. Your dad will love it because it is beautiful and functional.


Targeted at electricians or parents who believe they know how to fix wiring problems in the home. Better to leave an alert before giving this as a gift, if your father is not an electrician.

Closet case

With 135 pieces inside a suitcase that opens as a cabinet. Your father will open it with gusto.

With bag

This one has 97 pieces, but comes in a beautiful bag to carry.

Bicycle kit

If your father is a supporter of a healthier life and rides a bicycle, this toolkit is ideal for him.

Keychain with 8 functions

A pocketknife keyring with screwdriver, Philips key and other functions to carry in your pocket.

Professional game

With 90 pieces, but look how beautiful the suitcase! If you thought so too, imagine your father.

Drilling machine

Here, we put a tip just from the drill, which is already a pretty cool gift.

More parts

There are 168 pieces in a briefcase.

Organized briefcase

With a right place for each tool, for parents who have a more organizing style.

Screwdriver and drill

Two in one, bivolt, with socket set. Your father will know how to make good use of it.

Professional tool storage case

Your dad has a lot of tools, but he doesn’t have a nice place to keep and keep organized. He will be very happy to win a professional briefcase to keep everything tidy.

Spray gun

This pistol is a very useful tool. It helps a lot when painting the house, for example.

Tool bench

And lastly, if your father has a hobby of inventing or creating, this bench is more than perfect.

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