25 Gift Ideas for Tech Fans

Do you have a friend, relative or boyfriend or friend who is addicted to technology? So, when choosing a gift, whether for birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or other commemorative dates, the tip is to bet on technological items, of course! But you must be thinking that this kind of gift can be very expensive, right? And indeed it can, but if you use a little creativity and look for alternative products or accessories, you will find some really cool options.

Want some tips for gifting someone who is very tech savvy? See the list of 25 really cool ideas that we’ve prepared!

echo dot with alexa

A really cool idea to give away tech fans is Echo Dot with Alexa. It is among the best selling items and is sure to please. Control music with just your voice, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, create alarms, control compatible smart home devices and much more.

Support for Echo Dot

Another really cool idea is the support for Echo Dot, in several models and colors for you to choose the one that best matches the style of (a) your (your) friend (a) technology fan.


Another item desired by tech fans is smartwatch. With various functions such as; pedometer, time, blood oxygen monitor, phone, messages, sleep monitor, camera, reminders and alarm. Very functional and still has several models and colors to choose from.

Bluetooth speaker

The speakers are the perfect gift for tech fans! There are several models and colors, waterproof or not. Choose according to your pocket and the taste of the person to be gifted.


How about giving a gift with a drone? There are several models with affordable prices and great quality.

instant camera

Cameras are very nice to give someone who likes technology, photography and travel. There are options for all styles, from the practical and amazing GoPro, to photo-developing machines that are back in style.

VR glasses

One more item that tech fans love is the VR glasses. There are also many models available at affordable prices. It only has the glasses or the built-in headphones. With excellent 3D effect for watching movies or playing games.

Wireless mouse and keyboard

Mouse and keyboard are used by everyone who uses computers. If this is the case of your friend, bet on those that are wireless, more practical for everyday life.

Wireless wireless charger

An innovative and super technological gift is the wireless wireless charger. It makes life much easier, charge your cell phone anywhere, no wires needed. There are also several models and pricing options to choose from.

Headset on ear Bluetooth

Most tech fans love bluetooth headphones. With models in different colors and prices to choose according to your budget. It allows for greater concentration on work and wonderful sound, also perfect for listening to music and answering calls.


How about a t-shirt to give away? They are themed and everyone uses them, right? Choose the one that best matches your friend’s style.

Decorative pillow

What a cool gift idea! A custom pillow for tech fans! To decorate the desktop, home or bedroom.


How about a tech themed mug? It’s not too expensive and it’s a really cool gift option. This one in the photo changes color when filled with hot liquid.

Pen for screen devices

For friends who use screen devices, the suggestion is to buy one of these special pens, which make it very easy for quick notes and are very useful for everyday life. And the best part is that it’s not expensive.


And for those who need to carry a notebook to work, a backpack is an ideal choice. With models, like the one in the photo, which is anti-theft and water resistant.

notebook stand

The notebook stand/stand with cooling, will make the notebook in a more ergonomic position and still keep it at the ideal temperature.


Books are always an excellent gift option. Choose topics related to the area of ​​technology, where the person will be able to expand their knowledge and enjoy a good reading.

(R for data science)

(the new age…)

(the technologies…)

external hard drive

The external hard drive is a popular item for technology fans. It can store games or files, documents, photos, movies, series, etc. This one in the photo has a capacity of 1TB.

Ergonomic mouse pad

One item of technology that is inexpensive and very welcome is the ergonomic mouse pad. It will prevent poor hand posture, preventing future injuries and making handling more comfortable.

web cam

The web cam is a very good gift option. There are several models, for notebook, for PC, for recording meetings, choose the one that best suits the needs of the person to be given a gift and that’s it!

smart bulbs

The smart lamp is a super cool and creative tech item to give away. You can control from anywhere, via Alexa, or via smartphone. You can set the lighting intensity, the time to turn it on or off.


If you want to invest a little more in the present, Kindle is a great option. With gradual lighting adjustment, which allows reading in any environment, You can mark excerpts, improve vocabulary with the dictionary, translate words and adjust the font size without having to leave the page. You’ll even be able to choose from thousands of books and store them in the library, which fits in your hands.

Air humidifier

Perfect for keeping the environment in proper humidity conditions. It has 3 levels of fog intensity and has ultrasonic technology, which breaks the water molecule through vibrations, transforming it into fog. Ideal for environments with low relative humidity or with air conditioning, as it reduces the annoying symptoms of dry air.

outlet multiplier

To make life easier for those who use many outlets, the outlet multiplier is the ideal option. Automatic bivolt, with maximum power of 1270W at 127V or 2200W at 220V (total sockets), 10A resettable circuit breaker (does not need replacement) and with an innovative and compact design. Certified by Anatel.

Digitizing table

The tablet is another really cool idea if you’re willing to spend a little more. It will accurately sketch, edit photos, from intricate cutouts to delicate color adjustments, the small size takes up less area on your desk but still gives you plenty of workspace to create.

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