25 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day up to R $ 150.00

Valentine’s Day is a special day for you to gift one of the most important people in your life. And it can often be difficult to choose the ideal gift. We want something remarkable, that shows all the affection and love that we feel for the loved one and in some moments, we cannot spend much, but that is no reason for not giving a special gift. How to do this?

We have prepared with great care and affection a list with 25 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, spending up to R $ 150.00, which will help you choose the one that will most please your love! Just search the list and choose the one that best matches your loved one and Happy Valentine’s Day!


How about giving your girlfriend a beautiful gold plated ring with zirconia? Yes, it is possible to spend up to R $ 150.00 to give a beautiful and delicate semi-jewel. She will love it!

Decoration kit

Prepare Valentine’s Day celebrations with this beautiful decoration kit. It will provide the perfect climate for the couple! Love is in the air, enjoy this day with your partner.

Polo shirt

Yes, a man likes to get clothes, he can buy that he will get right in the present. The polo shirt is a piece of clothing for any occasion.


The watch is a widely used accessory and most like to vary the models. Excellent option to gift your boyfriend.

Kit Gin

For fans of a good drink, a gin kit with spices is a super cool gift idea. This kit comes with 8 spices, ballerina spoon and measuring cup.


To make delicious drinks, a bottle of Gin is a perfect gift. You can add the item above (spice kit) or to be enjoyed with a premium tonic water and a slice of Bahia orange.


The cap is an accessory that both men and women wear. How about giving a cap that matches the style of your love?


To add elegance and charm, the leather jacket is perfect! Choose a model and color that matches your girlfriend and that’s it!

Kit Eudora

Care and affection for your girlfriend with an Eudora kit. This photo kit comes with cologne, body and hand cream. Or choose the one that best matches her style.

Valentine’s Day Basket

How about a delicious basket of chocolates and a heart pillow for your greatest love?


The scarf is an accessory that leaves the woman more elegant and charming. It is a great idea to present your girlfriend who loves being up to date with OUTFIT. With various colors and sizes, choose the one that best matches your girlfriend’s style and get it right in the present.

Knitting sweater

Who said a man doesn’t like to get clothes? They do like it! Gift with a beautiful sweater is a great option. Charm and elegance for your boyfriend’s style, whether to work, study or go out with you or friends.

Make-up kit

Gift with makeup is already a wonderful idea, now choosing a makeup kit for your girlfriend… it’s fantastic !! She will love it. With several items that will make your makeup time complete and your girlfriend ready for any occasion.

Picture frames

The photos keep the memories of very important moments lived and a picture frame is a beautiful idea to give gifts to those you love!

Romantic cushion cover

Romantic cushion covers are a creative and loving gift idea. With several models, choose the one that most represents your love and get it right in the present!


Everyone knows that women love to get clothes as a gift, especially when it is a piece that will be used a lot and has style. The sweatshirt blouse can be a stylish piece yes! Choose carefully and get it right in the present.

Perfume kit, soap and aftershave gel

A man also takes care of himself and likes to be fragrant! How about a kit to make your boyfriend even more fragrant and soft? Gift that shows care, affection and attention towards the loved one.


A new version for the watch, the smatwatch is the smart watch. With the functions of heart rate monitor, fitness tracker, social networks, weather, messages, camera and alarm. A gift option that will please for sure !!


Every woman loves to get jewelry or fine jewelry as a gift! It is a widely used accessory that gives the final touch to the look. Choose a piece that matches the style of your loved one and get it right in the present.


The male boot gives a charm to whoever wears it. A stylish and different footwear option, making it a great gift option for Valentine’s Day!


How about beautiful pajamas for your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day? Charm also at bedtime, with comfort and good taste. There are countless options to choose from, between pajamas and nightgowns, choose the most charming one and that’s it!


Gift with sunglasses is an excellent idea! A gift that will leave your love in style and still protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. There are many models and colors, choose the one that best matches the look of your loved one.


Perfect gift for your girlfriend! Tennis is one of the types of footwear most used by most people. For day to day, work, walking, running is the ideal option. There are thousands of models and colors to choose from.

Funko Pop

For the collector boyfriend and fan of superheroes, series and movies, this is the gift he will love! There are many options for funko pop, choose what your boyfriend likes most and you will get it right in the present.


Presenting your boyfriend with jewelery is also a great choice! There are several items that will make your boyfriend more charming and with his own style. Choose the piece that best matches his profile.

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