30 birthday gift ideas for brother

You grew up together, shared many moments, fought and helped each other countless times, and even so, on his birthday, your brother, you still have doubts about what to give him as a gift. If you have this dilemma, don’t worry, we have prepared a very nice list with several ideas.

But first, try to keep in mind everything you know he likes. So, when you look at our suggestions, you will surely find something that is very similar to him and you will not go wrong in your choice. Let’s go to the list.

  1. Personalized pillow + box of chocolates

A really cool idea are the personalized pillows, with phrases and even pictures that you can give him. Complete with a box of your favorite chocolate and you’re done.

  1. Personalized mugs for brother

We love personalized mugs. There are several stores that accept orders and you can create the phrase you want. It can be a simple gift, but you can put it together with a kit, a breakfast basket or whatever else your imagination sends.

  1. Picture frame “best brother in the world”

A picture frame seems simple, but it is always a gift full of affection and love. Choose a very nice picture of you to give next to the frame and be sure to write a note (it may be behind the picture).

  1. Surf kit for brother

If your brother lives with a headache or even a hangover, how about a kit like that? It comes with a box, a nice glass and a blindfold. At the very least, it is a creative gift.

  1. Nerdy Brother T-Shirts

If your brother is a fan of comics, superheroes, cartoons, etc., give as a gift a T-shirt with a cool print. See the one we found with the symbols of the Knights of the Zodiac.

  1. Pants / shorts sets + T-shirt

Clothes are wild gifts, but it is important to choose something that has to do with the person’s style and style. Make a set of pants / shorts and a cool t-shirt.

  1. Sneakers

If your brother is the type who loves tennis, he is probably always in need of new pairs. So, choose a nice model and, of course, don’t forget to check the number he wears.

  1. Men’s Slippers

Slippers are great for summer, especially for those who like to go to the beach and stroll more at ease.

  1. Men’s sneakers

A middle ground between something social and something sporting, which is both elegant, is shoes. A great option to give a gift to the most vain brothers who are always in fashion.

  1. Nerd Pen Drive

Everyone needs a flash drive nowadays, whether to use it at work, in studies or to record photos, music and other personal uses. If that’s your choice, look for a fun and different model, like the one in the photo below.

  1. Headphones

Most people, nowadays, use headphones on a daily basis, either on the computer or on the cell phone. If this is the case with your brother, look for a legal model that meets his needs.

  1. Mobile Speakers

These speakers that amplify the sound of the cell phone are great gift ideas and, the best part, is that they are not expensive.

  1. External cell charger

It is common for cell phones to run out of battery quickly today, mainly due to the constant use of the device. Extra chargers are extremely useful.

  1. Cell phone case

Another cool idea is the cell phone cases. Choose a cool one, from the favorite band, series or movie, and you can be sure that he will love it. Just don’t forget to write down the model of the device.

  1. Mobile phone stand

This is a perfect gift for brothers who do not leave their cell phones, even when they are in front of the computer. There are several different and very cool cell phone support models.

  1. Board games

For those who love games, whatever they are, how about betting on something older, but a lot of fun, like board games? In addition to the classics in the picture, you can find RPG options and many other styles.

  1. Videogame games

But if you think his preference is for electronic games, buy a new game for his video game. Try to find out if there are any new games on the market or something they don’t have yet.

  1. Box of films or complete series

If he really likes a movie or a specific series, look for boxs with all the episodes or cool ones made especially for collectors and super fans.

  1. Wristwatch

A wristwatch can be a good gift for men. Try to find out first if he prefers a digital watch or with a hand and if he has a preference for color or model.

  1. Men’s bracelets

For the most vain men and who like accessories, how about finding a bracelet like the one in the photo below? They are super trendy and many men use them. See if it is the case with your brother and you will not make a mistake in choosing.

  1. Shaving kit

Another cool gift for the vain brothers is the shaving and skin care kits.

  1. Men’s Perfumes

If you know your brother’s taste in perfumes, this may be a good gift idea. Even the least vain men like to wear and get perfumes as a gift.

  1. Men’s wallet

Wallets are the main pieces for storing documents. A man may even leave the house in a purse or backpack, but he is never without his wallet. Look for a cool one, with the style he likes.

  1. Male backpack

For students or those who prefer to go backpacking, this can be a great gift. The backpacks are practical and it is very easy to find different models and colors.

  1. Cushion for cups and popcorn

This pillow is super cool and ideal for those who love watching football games or movies and series on TV.

  1. Goodies kit

To get out of the traditional, how about a bucket of popcorn full of goodies? It is a very creative gift that tends to please anyone.

  1. Nerd decorative frames

The nerdy brothers will certainly like to decorate the room with pictures and other items that have to do with the movies, series, music, games and other things that they might like.

  1. Male sunglasses

For the hottest times of the year, new sunglasses are good birthday gifts for your brother.

  1. Men’s caps

Does your little brother like to wear caps? So bet on a new model, a little different from the ones he already has. Caps are accessories and it is always good to have several different models.

  1. Football team shirt

The new shirt of the football team of the heart can be a good gift idea. But if he likes another type of sport, such as basketball or volleyball, it is worth finding the shirt of the favorite team or player.

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