20 Gift Ideas for an Architect Friend

Architects learn to be creative, detailed, demanding and like what is sophisticated and at the same time practical.

Even with this list of features, to present a cool architect friend with something cool, you need to know a little about personal tastes and not make mistakes.

Maybe some of our 20 suggestions will help you choose.

Beads Professions Architecture

Made of silver, the trinket is delicate and of good taste and the symbol of architecture is still engraved.

18k gold plated pendant Architecture

For her architect friend, a gold-plated pendant. There are other models, some come with the necklace.

Espresso coffee maker

For those who enjoy coffee and cannot stop a project.

“Barefoot Handbook” book

World bestseller suitable for architects, students and architecture lovers.

Book “Archidoodle – the architect’s sketchbook”

With exercises in architectural drawings, this book is a stimulus for those who are studying, starting to work or are willing to do architecture.

Projector Lamp Architect Uniquebox

Gift suitable for all occasions when you want to present an architect. With illuminated symbols on all sides it is very beautiful.

Architect cushion

A fluffy pillow in every way.

Architecture Mug

Mugs can be used as decoration, kitchen utensils, collection items and whatever else creativity can think of.

Chair Armchair

The architect spends several hours of the day sitting, doing projects. If he doesn’t have a nice chair yet, you can be the friend who will give that chair away.

Personalized cell phone case

With the Architect theme, a beautiful and charming cell phone case.

Multivitamin supplement

Do you know that friend who works hard and when you meet is tired and dejected? Architects are prone to this. How about giving him a helping hand in his health and giving him a multivitamin as a gift? Kind of unusual, but it shows that you care about your friend.


Smartwatches speed up a lot, especially the lives of those who need to quickly serve customers and bosses.

LEGO Architecture

There are 321 LEGO pieces to assemble one of the most famous historical buildings in the world, the Eiffel Tower. Indicated from 12 to 99 years.

Men’s Casual Polo Shoes

A beautiful sneaker that matches your friend’s style.

And the gift is also beautiful for your friend.

Building patterned doormat

Drawings of buildings and the most famous structure in the world make welcome visits to the architect’s home or work.

Kit with accessories for drawing

Although there is a lot of software and applications developed for projects, some architects still prefer to draw on paper. For these, a complete kit with accessories for drawing.

Square with adjustable angle

Tool for drawing projects more accurately, the adjustable square has quick adjustment for cutting and tracing lines. It can also serve as a reminder of the old days of architecture.

University Jacket

Your friend will love this jacket and will not want to wear it only at university. Very versatile, it can be used on several occasions.

Social Clock

The female architect needs to be well dressed and this golden watch complements the production very well. Your friend will like it a lot.

Graduation Ring Architect

Finally, if your friend is going to major in architecture, giving a ring as a gift is incredible.

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