Husband’s 30th Birthday Gift Ideas

Your husband’s birthday is coming up and you have no idea what to give him as a gift, which is different and creative? Don’t worry so much, there are hundreds of options and among them you will surely find one that looks like your husband and fits him right now.

The first thing is always to try to observe and find out if there is something he really wants and hasn’t bought yet or if he needs something new, like, for example, a sneaker. Want more good ideas for your husband’s birthday gift? Then check out the list we have prepared.

  1. Men’s wristwatch

Most men love wristwatches, either for aesthetics or because they can’t miss the hour in their daily lives. Try to choose a model that matches his style. Even if you already have one, watches are accessories that can be exchanged.

  1. Men’s belt kit

If your husband usually wears social clothes on a daily basis, prefer social models. Otherwise you will find hundreds of more sporty and stylish models that can match his style.

  1. Men’s pocket wallet

Men sometimes go out with only their wallets in their pockets and nothing else. Therefore, it is common for the material to wear out quickly. Choose a nice and beautiful wallet to last longer.

  1. Men’s side bag

These side bags are ideal for men who like to go in fashion and who need a bag like that to use on a daily basis. If your husband doesn’t really like this model, look for more social folders or sports backpacks.

  1. Male sunglasses

Sunglasses are great gifts. As the person you are going to gift is your husband, it shouldn’t be so hard to get the model right.

  1. Set of ties

This gift is ideal for men who need to work socially every day and who like to combine ties. Choose a few different models, but it can easily match the clothes in your closet.

  1. Kit record + belt + wallet

So how about mixing everything? Take an item from each of the ones we’ve mentioned so far and assemble a super special kit for him. It is worth giving a flower together to give a more delicate and romantic air to the gift.

  1. New cell phone

For tech-savvy men, how about a new cell phone? It can also be a new tablet, notebook and etc. Observe what he needs or desires.

  1. Portable Battery Charger

A portable charger is very useful for those who use the phone a lot on a daily basis, so it can be a great gift for your husband.

  1. Mini keyboard for cell phone

There are a lot of people who, today, use their cell phones to work. If you have already noticed that your husband is suffering from typing on the device’s keyboard, how about giving him a specific keyboard for cell phones?

  1. Men’s sports shoes

Whether for an athlete husband or one who likes a more sporty style, sneakers are great gifts whenever and at any time. Choose a model that suits your taste.

  1. Men’s sneakers

Another legal option are the sneakers, neither social nor sporting, this type of shoe is suitable for almost all occasions and is usually quite comfortable.

  1. Men’s social shoe

And to close the shoe section, how about a social model? Perfect gift for husbands who need and / or like to wear dress shoes.

  1. T-shirts, jackets, pants and general clothing

Any and every occasion is good for giving someone clothes. To do this, look for something that has to do with his style. If you want you can even put together a complete look.

  1. Men’s perfume for her husband

Married to him, you certainly know what type of perfume he likes best. Choose a new and different one, this can end up being a great gift for you too.

  1. Shaving creams and aftershaves

Even men who are not so vain can enjoy this gift. Skin care is a great gift.

  1. Hair trimmer or electric shaver

This is another great gift for the most vain men who are always concerned with trimming body hair. Electric shavers are practical and help a lot in everyday life.

  1. Complete male care kit

Still for vain men, how about a kit like that with comb, sandpaper, nail clippers and etc.?

  1. Day-to-day male bag

Men also like practical travel kits. If your husband travels a lot, whether for business or pleasure with the family, he may like to have a bag like this with a pot of soap, toothbrush holder, combs and other items.

  1. Thermal cup for coffee

This is a simple gift, but great for those who love it and can’t live without coffee. There are several cool models of these thermal cups, from football teams to personalized phrases.

  1. Personalized mugs

Another simple but very cool gift is personalized mugs. There are several stores that place orders and you can even save a text as a declaration of love for her.

  1. Gift of the 5 senses

How about the idea of ​​giving several little gifts to sharpen your husband’s senses? Choose something for touch, something for taste, for smell, for hearing and another for vision.

  1. A special trip for two or with family

Do you know that place he always wants to visit? It can be a great birthday present. If you don’t have the money for your dream trip, a trip to a neighboring city is also worth it.

  1. Game tickets

If your husband is in love with a sport, how about buying a pair of tickets and going with him to a game? He will certainly like the gift and, of course, his company right now.

  1. Romantic dinner for the husband

If you haven’t had time together for a while, how about arranging a romantic dinner for the two of you? It’s a great gift and a way to celebrate his birthday.

  1. Box of chocolates

Who doesn’t surrender to a box full of chocolates, right ?! Look for a beautiful one with the type of chocolate he likes best, of course.

  1. Breakfast tray

Another cool gift that won’t cost you much is a special breakfast tray. This way you will wake up the love of your life in a special way on his birthday.

  1. Wine bottles and glasses

A perfect gift for those who are good wine lovers. Choose two or more bottles. The cups are an invitation to toast together.

  1. Bucket of beers

Or for those who prefer a good beer, how about a beer bucket with, of course, a few bottles inside and maybe snacks too.

  1. Beer caps frame

These paintings are super cool and are on the rise. A great gift for those who like beer. For wine lovers, there are the same tables for storing wine corks.

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