30 Gift Ideas for Anime Fans

Animes are, no less, than cartoons produced in Japan and which usually have a manga version. In general, the word refers to any type of design, but it was adopted in Brazil to identify only Japanese designs. It is not uncommon to find anime fans in Tupiniquin lands, who are divided among hundreds of world-famous cartoons.

Do you have a friend who is a huge anime fan? We’ve prepared a list with 30 really cool ideas for you to give to an anime fan. Check it out and leave your tips and suggestions at the end of the post.


Anime shirts come in many different prints, designs and colors. Choose the one that (a) your (your) friend (a) the most and that’s it!


For anime fans, any item about the favorite is a great gift option. The mugs also have a wide variety of models, just choose what you like the most.


The sweatshirt with the favorite anime is another super cool gift idea. Just find out what it is and that’s it!


Decor items are always good requests for gifts. After all, which fan wouldn’t want to stamp their passion in room decorations, right?!

mouse pad

Decorating your desk or study table with items inspired by your favorite design is always a good idea. So, how about giving your friend (a) anime fan with a mouse pad like the one we selected?! Just remember to find out what is his favorite anime (a).


Look how nice it is! Even the slipper with the cartoon of the favorite anime! More than perfect gift. Also in the slide version.

Funky Pop

Funko Pop dolls are also items that anime fans love to collect.


Anime necklaces is an option that (a) your (your) friend (a) will love to get as a gift!


The anime portfolio is another really cool option, after all, whoever likes anime, wants to have something everywhere that represents their favorite anime!


How awesome is the night light or lamp with the drawing of your favorite anime!


Accessories such as bracelets are really cool items to give away to anime fans.


Another cool idea to give to anime fans is to look for jewelry and/or costume jewelry that are used by anime characters, such as these earrings.

Duvet cover

How about a beautiful set of duvet cover and pillowcases with the print of your favorite anime? Impossible not to fall in love with this gift!


To carry keys or use in backpacks, the anime character keychain is a more affordable idea and a great gift option.


Cushions and pillows with anime pillowcases are also super cool gifts to give to Japanese cartoon fans. It will add a touch of personality to the decor of the fan’s room and will please you a lot.


To take to school, college or work, the anime-print backpack is a gift idea that anime fan will love receiving.

Cosplay robe

This robe can be used in themed parties such as cosplay or at home, for anime fans, it is an exclusive piece of clothing.


You can search for the most varied anime titles and choose the favorite of the person who is an anime fan. Surely he (a) will love this gift.


There are also plush toys in the anime version. A cute gift option that anime lovers will love.

Hooded blanket

To warm up inside the anime mood! Hooded blanket, imagine the anime fan when they get this gift!

video game

Anime fans can also be video game fans. Choose your favorite anime game and go!


To have an anime touch throughout the house, the keyring is the ideal choice.


How about an anime-print denim jacket?


The most varied models of caps, with anime prints. For the fan who loves to wear a cap, it’s the right option!


Costume jewelry accessories, such as this ring, are gift options that are sure to please!

Make up brushes

And a set of makeup brushes? Girls will love this gift.


Even the feet with anime prints! Gift that will make fans very happy.


Anime collectors and fans love to have new dolls for their collection. Great gift idea.

Crop/shorts set

Perfect for everyday, beach, theme parties, wherever you want to wear it.


And to finish the list, a very important item, a Box DVD with the favorite anime. To watch over and over again.

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