30 gift ideas for girlfriend

Giving gifts to those we love is not always an easy task, we want the gift to please, match the person, bring good sensations and feelings. When we are in love we try to be better people, kinder, more companions, friends at all times. Thus, our relationship grows and strengthens, without losing the romanticism and passion.

To help you choose the ideal gift for your girlfriend, we have prepared a list of 30 gift ideas that will make your search easier. Take a good look, analyze and choose the perfect gift for your dear girlfriend.

Ring Life my garden Vivara

Giving jewelry or fine jewelry is always making the right choice. A beautiful ring is an affectionate and delicate gift. Choose the one that best suits your girlfriend’s style.


A more than important accessory for women, the bag is already part of the outfit and may or may not match the colors of the clothes that the woman wears. Giving a bag is the right choice.


Women love getting clothes, even more a beautiful dress. Choose a model that matches your girlfriend’s style and rock out in the present.

instant camera

For the girlfriend who loves photos, an instant camera is the ideal choice. Super cute and practical, takes the photo and develops it right away. To eternalize many moments at your side.


Item that women love, gifting with shoes will always be a great choice. The boot is very popular and there are several different models, choose the one that best suits your girlfriend’s style.


Who counts the hours to be with a loved one? The watch is a perfect gift idea for your girlfriend. Item much used and essential for the hectic daily routine.


Perfume is a delight to win, even more so from the boyfriend! There are several types of fragrance, choose the one that pleases your girlfriend the most. This one in the photo is the Eternity Flame, by Calvin Klein.


Wearing sunglasses today is taking care of eye health, but, of course, choosing a model that matches the person’s style and face is an added bonus to make sure you get the right choice.


Giving jewelry or fine jewelry is the right choice. Earrings are items that women love, choose one that matches her personality. This model in the photo is from Vivara, the Life Pavê Zircônias Rosas.

Brush kit

Gifted to make makeup easier, the brush kit will be used a lot by the girlfriend who likes makeup.

facial cleaning device

To get a beautiful and well-groomed skin, some care is needed and among them is facial cleansing. This device will remove dead cells and other impurities from the face, such as excess oil and makeup remains, leaving the skin ready to absorb creams. Vibrations massage the skin and help improve blood circulation. They also stimulate the production of collagen, a substance that gives the skin firmness and elasticity. Gift that your girlfriend will love!!

Pilates/yoga socks

If your girlfriend takes pilates/yoga classes, or even if she is a pilates/yoga teacher, specific socks for these activities will be an excellent gift idea. This photo pack comes with 6 pairs.

Cardigan / Jacket

Women love to get clothes, so giving them a beautiful cardigan or coat is an excellent idea. Get your girlfriend ready to look pretty and stylish on this cold day.

Sound box

A super cute speaker, for your girlfriend to enjoy her favorite music anywhere. Different and current gift idea.

Double ring light with smartphone adapter

Circular luminaire for Vlogger with sockets for smartphone and microphone, perfect for video recording, ideal for youtubers, tik tokers, live meetings, etc. Multiple lighting settings in 10 different intensity levels and 3 color temperature options. Gift that will facilitate and improve the quality of transmissions.

Cropped shirt

How to get clothes is to get it right in the present, how about a cropped blouse? Current model and that goes with everything. Your girlfriend will love it!

Eyeshadow palette

A must-have item for women who love makeup, the eyeshadow gives a special effect to the eyes. Precise gift!


Giving jewelry or fine jewelry is always sure to get the gift right. The bracelet is an accessory that gives it extra charm. Choose the model that best suits your girlfriend. This one is from Vivara, the Life Dot bracelet.

Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headsets are here to stay. Makes life easier with beautiful models, which can have 20 hours of battery life in the case, 6 hours of continuous playback in each earpiece. Made to last all day. Touch sensitive control. A gift for your girlfriend that is very modern and super useful. This model of the photo has option in 4 colors.

scented candle

Perfect gift choice to decorate the environment on Valentine’s Day, create a more romantic mood.


A must-have item for a woman, the wallet is essential to organize and store documents, money, cards. Choose a model that matches your girlfriend’s style. This one is from Timberland, in leather, with 10 inside pockets.


Essential item for makeup, women carry lipstick in their purse wherever they go. Very welcome gift!


A gift that can be super cute, even if it’s a slipper. With several models to choose from. Tranquility and softness for your girlfriend’s feet.

Picture frame

Gifting with a picture frame is a very cute way to say you love your girlfriend! To put photos of your moments together.

gift basket

How about giving a beautiful gift basket that comes with a plush? Super beautiful and romantic idea!

Valentine’s Day Kit Glamor Apothecary

Giving a Boticário kit is a perfect idea! This kit is super beautiful and the fragrance is wonderful.


Remember that shoes are never too much for women! A gift idea that will be used a lot. Comfort and style that the sneaker offers for your girlfriend’s daily life.


The hair dryer is a must for women! Item that makes life easier, as well as helping to fix your hair. Gift that will please.

Moisturizing cream

Every woman loves having a well-groomed and hydrated skin. Giving a body cream kit will leave your girlfriend happy, well-groomed and with smooth skin.

Thermal cup

The thermal cup will be a super practical item and can be pretty cute if you choose one with a themed design. This one in the photo, for example, is the wonder woman. How about giving your girlfriend one of these?

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