35 Gift Ideas for Harry Potter Fans

Magic and many adventures, these words define the universe of Harry Potter, a wizard created by the British writer JK Rowling, in 1997, and who made a huge worldwide success, winning millions of fans across the four corners of the planet. And if you’ve come this far, it’s probably because you’re a fan or you know someone who is very passionate about the wizard’s stories, right?

Giving a gift to someone who is a fan of the saga may not be so simple if you don’t know much about it. That’s why we’ve separated a list of 35 creative and different gift ideas that are sure to surprise and please whoever you want to give.


Of course, you will easily find a million different “Harry Potter” themed mugs. There are several different options, with different designs and colors, that can please any fan. Choose the one that best matches the fan to be given away.


Cushions are also really cool gift options, there are many models and shapes to choose from.


Every fan likes to stamp their passions on their clothes, right? In that sense, a shirt with a nice print is quite a gift, don’t you think?


Easy to find option that will delight fans of JK Rowling’s books. The tip is to find out which of the Hogwarts houses your friend likes the most before making the choice.


The shoulder bag is another really cool gift option for Harry Potter fans.

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The necklace options are also numerous, some with the symbol of the golden snitch, others like the necklace turns time, others with the dragon’s egg and so on.


The Harry Potter flip flops models are amazing and there are several print options. Perfect option for wizard fans.


Yes! It is possible to buy the magic wands of the wizards in the saga. The wand in the photo below belongs to Harry, but you can find almost every character, including Dumbledore’s wand.

wand holder

For that super Harry Potter fan, this wand holder is the perfect choice!


Items for fans are usually more expensive, if you are looking for a more affordable gift, keyrings are an excellent idea, and with several models to choose from.


The wallet is a different and super cool item for Harry Potter fans! With several models to choose from.


Harry Potter fan will love getting a frame of the theme. The options are numerous, choose the one that best suits your (a) friend (a) fan.


Yes, this is a really cool Harry Potter lamp. The fan will love getting a unique and so different item.

Book/Game Trimmer

It is very likely that anyone who is a fan of Harry Potter stories is also a fan of reading. So, how about giving away a bookcase inspired by the saga? Great idea, don’t you think?


How about giving a Lufa Lufa scarf? With options from all houses, just choose the one that the fan doesn’t have yet.

Thermal mug

Widely used to keep coffee/tea warm or juice/water iced and carry wherever you go, the thermos mug is another perfect gift option for the Harry Potter fan.

decorative plate

To make the perfect setting with the Harry Potter decor, these plaques are great fan gift ideas!


For carrying your toiletries wherever you go, the Harry Potter themed toiletry bag is the perfect fan gift option!


Exclusive box with the complete collection, with new covers and illustrations for Harry Potter lovers.

Mug and pillow kit

A kit with a mug and pillow is also a nice gift option.

castle miniature

A Hogwarts Castle replica is another really cool gift option for the fan.


What a beautiful Harry Potter themed backpack! Gift tip for fans.

Funky Pop

Funko Pops are cute little dolls that make any fan’s mind. Although we have separated a photo with only the protagonist of the series, it is possible to find all the characters from JK Rowling’s books.


If, in addition to enjoying reading, the person who will be given a gift also enjoys writing, a really cool idea is wand pens.

Harry Potter Box Kit

Look how awesome this kit is for Harry Potter fans! With Marauder’s map, Hogwarts card, Galleon coins and necklace turns Hermione time.

sweatshirt set

Also has the Quidditch Quidditch sweatshirt set. Very cool this option for fans!

Harry Potter: Book of Magic and Witchcraft

This pocketbook contains fun facts about the movies and behind-the-scenes footage, really cool for the Harry Potter fan!

Neck pillow

For fans who want to relax while traveling, or at home.

Popcorn Holder Cushion

How about a popcorn holder for the Harry Potter fan to watch movies or favorite series?

Duvet cover

Another really cool and beautiful idea is the duvet cover that comes with 2 pillow covers. There are several models to choose from.


Also in the bedroom product line, the blanket with the print of the Harry Potter fan’s favorite house is really cool!!

Sound Cushion Selector Hat

This item is awesome! A pillow in the shape of the Sorting Hat and pressing the button on the hat brim and he responds with the following sentence: “There is nothing hidden in your head that the Sorting Hat can’t see, so just put me in my head and I’ll go say in which Hogwarts house he should stay”. Press the button again and it will tell you which of the 4 squares the person should go to.


A cute personalized Harry Potter-themed notebook is another gift tip for fans.

miniature doll

For the Harry Potter fan miniature collection this is a sure-fire gift tip!

Horcrux Valdemort Ring

For the Harry Potter fan, a beautiful Horcrux ring, representing the one worn by Valdermort.

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