7 do-it-yourself gifts to offer for a birthday

A birthday gift does not have to be purchased exclusively at a store: there are countless ideas that, put into practice at home, can result in the creation of a unique and special homemade gift. Anyone who receives any of these homemade gift suggestions will love it, so do it yourself!

  1. Fabulous photographs. Print some photos where you are with the person who is going to be birthday and arrange them on a small canvas, in a collage format. Printing a photo of a special moment spent with the birthday girl and placing it inside a frame painted or decorated by you is another good option. Simple and original is, without a doubt, a gift that is worth a lot more than a thousand words!
  2. Flasks of flavors. Fill a glass jar with all the necessary ingredients to make that recipe that the birthday girl loves or has wanted to try for some time. Don’t forget to affix a beautiful card with the handwritten recipe to the label or cap. A delicious DIY gift …
  3. Book of Memories. Create a scrapbook as a gift for someone’s birthday. To create this, which is nothing more than a memoir, just a hardcover notebook where you can post everything from photographs, movie tickets and small souvenirs, to texts or lyrics of a song that recall some of the moments they spent together .
  4. Art offered. If you are a painter, sculptor or know how to make pieces of jewelry or clothing very well, then there is no better birthday present than a work of art from you. Use your talents to offer a homemade gift that the birthday boy will hardly forget…
  5. Cook with pleasure. If you have a talent and a natural taste for cooking, then put your culinary skills at the service of a delicious gift, do it yourself that any birthday boy will eat and cry for more. It can be anything from a can of cookies to a dozen decorated cupcakes, a compote, a gourmet olive oil or why not, the birthday cake itself!
  6. Nice gift. On the next birthday offer beauty – make your own soap, bath salts, lip balm, body cream, among other homemade beauty products, put it in a pretty box or bottle, decorated with a ribbon and voilá, a DIY gift that is useful and unique.
  7. Gift coupon. Gift vouchers are an excellent birthday gift and their homemade version involves offering those who are celebrating a birthday something like: several hours of ironing, a picnic in the park, a few hours of babysitting, help with a certain task at home , company for xx walks or bike rides. Adapt gift vouchers to the needs and tastes of those who will receive them and create them by hand in beautiful handwriting or on the computer with some creativity. Then just print and offer!

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