Floral arrangement “do it yourself” to offer

Who doesn’t love receiving flowers? It is a perfect gift for any occasion, appreciated by women and men of all ages. Even more special than a floral arrangement bought at a florist is the one made by you, with love and care. Learn how and surprise that special person in your life!

What do you need?

  • Vase / Vase / Basket / Other container of your choice
  • Floral sponge
  • Flowers
  • Greens
  • Floral sticky tape
  • Floral wire
  • Conventional scissors
  • Wire cutting scissors

Picking flowers

From the traditional market or the local florist, to the large supermarkets and even your own garden, there are countless places where you can buy the flowers you need to design an arrangement to offer. Before buying the flowers, think about the arrangement style you want to offer – country, elegant, simple – and buy matching flowers, without forgetting some greens to add personality and volume to the arrangement, if you wish. Purchase flowers that complement each other in terms of size and shape, that is, balance the arrangement with larger and smaller flowers. The colors of the flowers are another factor to take into account and you should choose a palette of shades that matches the style of the floral arrangement you are going to create and, of course, the taste of those who will receive it too! When purchasing, group the different types of flowers, in order to see if they combine well, both in terms of format and in terms of colors. Regarding the quantity, try to visualize the floral arrangement you want to create, buying according to that objective. However, when in doubt about the quantity of flowers to buy (and especially if this is the first time you have tried a “do it yourself” floral arrangement), it is always better to take more. If they are left over, you can always continue the “do it yourself” experience and create a floral arrangement for yourself!

Cut and prepare the flowers

Start by removing the leaves that the flower feet may still have and place them on a table. Avoid cutting the feet of the flowers until you have a clear idea of ​​how you will arrange them in the container you chose to offer this floral arrangement. If the flowers chosen are naturally short, then the floral arrangement will necessarily be shorter and more compact; if the chosen flowers are long, you will have the freedom to compose a taller or horizontally long floral arrangement.

Floral arrangement: do it yourself!

The circular model is ideal for those who are going to choose a do-it-yourself floral arrangement and it is relatively simple to create:

  1. Start by placing 4 large flowers in the vase / vase (if you are going to use a floral sponge, this must be inserted first), placing them in the shape of a cross along the outer perimeter of the container you have chosen. If you have chosen to include greens in the floral arrangement, arrange a few specimens behind each flower.
  2. Now take the flowers you chose to be the center of attention, placing them in the middle of the jar / vase, between the four outer flowers previously placed.
  3. Continue to add four flowers at a time, always around the center of the vase / vase, placing the flowers with the longest feet in the center and the shortest around them. When viewed from the side, this do-it-yourself floral arrangement will appear to have three layers of flowers.
  4. Use tape and / or floral wire to help hold the flowers and thus shape the floral arrangement.
  5. Once the arrangement is complete, you can add other decorative elements to your liking.
  6. Carefully water the floral sponge. If you have not chosen to use a floral sponge, you will still have to put some water in the chosen container – just be careful when transporting it.
  7. Now just offer the floral arrangement and see the happy face of those who will be lucky enough to receive it.

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