24 gift ideas for boyfriends up to 100 reais

Need to surprise the love of your life, but without spending too much? Don’t worry, with a little creativity and research you will find several cool gift options for men. The tip that we always give here on the blog is to take a good look at the person, what he likes to do on a daily basis, during his free time, etc. By looking at small details you will have hundreds of cool ideas.

Want some gift tips up to 100 reais? Then check out the list we have prepared with suggestions for all styles of boyfriends.

  1. Men’s Personal Care Kit

Let’s start by talking about the most vain men, who like to take care of the skin on their faces and bodies. There are several legal options for kits with aftershave, moisturizers, colognes, soaps and etc. You will find several options that vary between 50 and 100 reais.

  1. Men’s Perfumes

You can also find several great perfumes at very affordable prices, like national perfumes. Some imported ones, in smaller bottles can also cost less than 100 reais. Also a good gift to give to vain boyfriends.

  1. T-shirts with fun prints

In general men love comics and superheroes, and nowadays, it is very easy to find these models of T-shirts. Choose his favorite character or movie and I’m sure he’ll love the gift. And yes, it costs less than 100 reais.

  1. Men’s caps

For men who love wearing caps, this is another legal option and affordable. The tip is to look in online stores that usually have legal options and cheaper than in physical stores.

  1. Men’s wallet

Try to take a look at the current state of his wallet. If you find yourself feeling a little old and torn, you can bet on a new wallet as a gift. You will find very cool models for values ​​between 60 and 100 reais.

  1. Gym backpack / bag

Gym bags, which are these long models, usually cost a little more, but there are legal options up to 100 reais. The bag type models are cheaper, with an average value of 40 reais. Both options are legal for lovers who attend gyms.

  1. Whey protein shaker

Also for lovers who go to the gym and make use of supplementation, the cocktail shaker with compartments is a great idea. There are several legal options and the maximum amount you will spend on one of these is around 50 reais, with some cheaper than 20 or 30 reais.

  1. Kit with favorite beers

Now for men in love with beers, the idea is to present him with a kit with some cans or bottles of special beers. The kits of the photos below we found for about 60 reais.

  1. Beer bottle cap frame

These pictures are really cool, creative and fun. Great for gifting beer lovers. In some stores, this type of frame can be more expensive than the 100 reais, but we found some cheaper options in online stores. In addition, there are dozens of tutorials on the internet teaching you how to do this. That is, you can customize and spend less.

  1. Decorative frame with statement

The decorative frames with declarations of love are also very cool. Some, with a chalkboard, are even cooler so you can write whatever you want and declare yourself to your boyfriend.

  1. Custom cushions

The pillows are also nice for him to use in the bedroom and remember you every day when he wakes up or when he goes to sleep. These legal options that we find cost, on average, 30 reais in online stores.

  1. Personalized mugs with sweets

A personalized mug costs, on average, 15 or 20 reais. Put another 10 reais of chocolate in it and you will have a cool, creative and delicious gift to surprise your loved one.

  1. Creative mugs and cups

Creative mugs and cups for any type of drink are also very cool and you will spend around 30 reais. See how cool the models of glasses we found, one is the imitation of a photographic lens and the other is in the shape of a skull.

  1. Box of chocolates

Want to give a delicious gift without spending a lot? Make the gourmet brigadeiros yourself and buy these edible letters to personalize your box with a message of love.

  1. Romantic picture frame

Look how beautiful this picture frame is. Choose a romantic model, with a nice phrase, but mainly choose a photo of you that has a special meaning. It can be the first photo of the couple, the first trip together or something like that.

  1. Executive Pens

Executive boyfriends, lawyers, administrators, journalists and other professions may like to win a nice pen, like the one in the photo below. You will find several legal options with values ​​up to 100 reais.

  1. Accessories such as belts and ties

For men who need to work in suits and ties, how about betting on accessories. See new belts and ties for him. It will be quite useful and it will certainly use a lot.

  1. Favorite Author Books

For lovers who like to read, don’t even think about another option. There are hundreds of legal and very cheap books. Try to find something in the style that he likes to read, in the subjects of interest to him, or a book that he has not yet read by his favorite author.

  1. Lap support for notebook

These notebook stands are very cool for those who work or study hard when they are at home. It is a different and very useful idea, and the value is within the budget of 100 reais.

  1. Headphones

Headphones are also a great gift for anyone who enjoys listening to music, playing online games, etc.

  1. Favorite series box

Boxes from favorite series and / or movies are also pretty cool. Some can be very expensive, for more than 300 reais, but there are some box options with only one or two seasons at very affordable prices and less than 100 reais. The tip is to buy online, it comes out cheaper than in physical stores.

  1. Personalized mobile phone case

Personalized cell phone cases with characters or images from his favorite movies are great ideas. Many stores make to order, with the image you ask for.

  1. Extra battery for cell phone

If your boyfriend uses his cell phone a lot and his battery runs out fast, bet on this gift, an extra portable battery so he doesn’t run out of cell phone anymore.

  1. Nerd Pen Drive

Look how cool this joker pen drive. There are a multitude of models inspired by films, drawings and etc. Find one of something he likes very much and he will be very happy with the gift.

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