20 gift ideas for a singer friend

Many dream of earning a living as a singer. Several candidates fill television contests in search of fame. Others try singing in different establishments. The truth is that the singing career is very difficult. Having a good voice and charisma is just the beginning. It is necessary to dedicate enough and know that not everything will happen as you want.

Something very important to go ahead is having friends who support and encourage you in all situations. Those who share music and videos, who go to concerts, who sing along, the fan friend.

If you are that friend and are thinking of giving a gift to show that you really support your singing friend, keep reading and learn 20 ideas:

Chromatic Voice Tuner

Pocket vocal trainer with vocal exercises and warm-ups, analyzes the pitch of the voice and many other functions.

DVD with 40 hits from the greatest singers of all time

A little inspiration.

Make-up kit

For your friend to rock at the time of the shows, an incredible makeup kit with eyeshadows, eyeliner, lipstick, blushes and bronzer.

Essence Man Kit

And for the friend, a kit with shaving cream, aftershave and a body oil.

Dynamic microphone

Wherever your friend is performing, it is more hygienic and practical to have your own microphone. So, we suggest this kit that comes with 3 that we found at Walmart.

Headset for return

With the noise of the music and the place, the singer cannot hear his own voice properly, which can cause some failures. A good vocal feedback helps in these cases. In this case, a return headset like this can be a very useful gift.

Social shoe

For your friend to rock at the time of the show, a social shoe with a lot of style.

Fun Pillow

A fun print pillow is a creative gift.

Christian Singer

If your friend is a gospel singer, he will enjoy winning the Christian Musical Singer. You can search for different covers and extra content. Let’s leave the idea of ​​one.

Vocal Pedal

Give your friend’s career a boost by giving this vocal pedal that allows effects and improvements when singing.

Necklace with microphone pendant

A simple and very delicate gift.

Wall clock

A wall clock may not be used at your friend’s shows, but it looks beautiful decorating somewhere in his house.

Music support

Not every singer knows the lyrics of the songs by heart. A support to leave the hand is a good idea.

Funko Axl Rose

If your friend’s musical style is rock, he’ll like this Funko doll from Axl Rose.

Or Amy Winehouse

Face towel

This idea may seem strange, but the movement and the stage lights make the singer sweat. If your friend is famous, he will have all the towels he wants. Now, if it isn’t, it’s nice to get a set of washcloths with his name or initials engraved on them.

Music Notebook

In addition to singing, your friend likes to compose his own music. What about giving a music notebook with pentagrams for him to record.

DVD Video Singing Lesson Vivi Keller

A video lesson given by Vivi Keller, who teaches techniques to improve speech range and other subjects. For your friend to sing even better.


A T-shirt to do with what your friend does is really cool.


They say that honey is good for the voice. Assemble a basket with things your friend likes and put a jar of honey. He will thank you.


There are recommendations about overdoing sweets to harm the voice, on the other hand, difficult someone who would not want to win chocolates.

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