7 gifts a woman would like to receive

Sometimes it is difficult to find a gift that will please someone close to you. As much as we know the personal tastes of the person in question, the choice can be very varied or difficult to find, so we ended up falling into generic gifts that possibly will please anyone. Let’s talk about gifts for women. It would be easy to make a list of cliché gifts saying that any woman would like to receive some chocolates or flowers, but the truth is that each one has their preferences and may even be allergic to these types of gifts. Trying not to meet stereotypes and taking into account that each woman is unique, here are 7 gifts that any woman would like to receive.

1. Travel

Even if you don’t like to fly – or are afraid – there are other options to offer trips. Offer a vacation for one, two or more people to a place that the woman in question would like to visit. You will see that this gift will be the right choice.

2. Perfumes

Perfumes or colognes are useful to anyone and they wear out very easily, so this gift does not fail. Pay attention to which perfume or cologne she uses, or the type of aroma she likes and with which she most identifies and offer her this well thought out gift.

3. Technology

Perhaps the smartphone is having problems or the computer has malfunctioned. Offer her a substitute so that she can return to using the technologies she likes, working from home, playing tablet games or taking a smartphone anywhere to be entertained in the “dead times”. It is always a very useful option.

4. Books

If a person likes to read – and knows his literary tastes – why not offer a book? You can also choose to offer a book in the form of a recommendation, which you think she will enjoy. For those who like books, this is a spectacular gift!

5. Movies or series

As much as everything is digitalized nowadays, there are people who like to have their favorite films and series in DVD or Blu Ray format so that they can keep them religiously and watch whenever they want. See what her preferences are, perhaps innocently asking which movie or series she prefers at a time when she doesn’t realize the intention. You will see that this gift will touch your heart.

6. Music

Again, it might be better to turn to digital. Offer him albums of your favorite bands or singers and you will see his eyes shine. You can also take the opportunity to recommend other musicians of the same styles of music that she likes to increase her musical knowledge.

7. Gift voucher

Whether for technology stores, books, music, clothing, experiences or any other type of product, you can play it safe and let her choose her own gift. So there is no way to fail: with a gift voucher, she will like it and will not exchange it.

Now that you have some ideas about what to offer a woman, here’s a piece of advice: Don’t wait for special dates to offer a gift to the woman of your life! Offer him gifts at random times, you will see that he will give more value because he is not the result of consumerist times. You can also offer something at times when you find something that you know will please the woman, even if it is not her birthday.

This list ended up having some generic choices, but it escaped gender stereotypes and the gifts that everyone uses, so we hope you will be inspired. Look at the tastes of the woman in question and offer her the ideal gift. Save chocolates and flowers as minor gifts, even surprises, or combine them with one of the gifts on this list. Better than receiving a gift, it is always receiving two or more!

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