32 Gifts that Children 8 to 12 Years Old Will Love

If you are looking for a gift for a child between the ages of 8 and 12, but are unsure of what to buy, then we will give you infallible ideas to make the right choice and please.

What is the best gift for children aged 8 to 12? At this stage, children still play a lot and therefore, the ideal is to invest in gifts that provide fun and leisure. It is worth opting for those more educational items, but always giving priority to the idea that this child still needs to take advantage of childhood.

It is not as difficult as you think to please a little person who is in this phase. Anything that offers moments of relaxation, joy, interactivity, that stimulates learning, will certainly contribute to your day to day and, therefore, can be a good option as a gift. To make it even simpler, below we give you sure tips!

Water gun

2. Water gun

Another toy that combines perfectly with summer afternoons, after all, nothing better to cool off than a good water war. Children often love this item. Therefore, it is an assertive choice.

Video game

3. Video game

At this stage, both boys and girls, become more interested in technology, especially in games. The video game is a gift option to surprise a lot. Children love it.

Tricks and magic games

4. Tricks and magic games

This gift is super cool, because in addition to being a fun game, it is very interesting to promote interaction and sociability, especially when the child is going to present the learned magic tricks.


5. Abruptly

This is an idea that combines fun with learning. They are question and answer books on the most varied topics and according to age. In addition to challenging, these questions will teach you a lot. Ideal to expand knowledge.

Twister game

6. Twister game

One of the most famous and interactive games is Twister. In it, players need to place their hands and feet in the defined colors without falling to the ground. It’s really cool to play with family or friends.


7. Marbles

Nowadays, not many children play with marbles, but they are a real classic when it comes to toys. It is a great suggestion for leisure time and, for sure, it will yield a lot of fun.


8. Nerf

Who doesn’t love to play darts? If even adults enjoy it, just imagine the children! This is another creative toy idea that will be very pleasing at this stage. For sure, it will yield a lot of fun.


9. Clock

The digital clock model is more suitable than the analog clock, as it has the simplest visualization. In this age group, they can already start to discipline the schedules, dividing it between studies, rest and fun. In my day, I tied myself up when I won, I felt responsible!

Basketball backboard

10. Basketball backboard

In addition to allowing the practice of physical activities, which is very important in this age group, it also stimulates children’s taste for sports, which are great allies in development, both physical and cognitive.


11. Books

Reading is very important in this phase of the child’s development and encouragement helps them to enjoy the practice. Mainly, if they are exciting stories, they spark imagination and creativity.

Coloring Books

12. Coloring books

Coloring is one of the activities that children love most at school. The practice helps in the development of fine motor coordination, in addition to arousing the imagination and allowing to unleash creativity. A book with drawings for this purpose is a great gift idea.


13. Real estate bank

This is a version of the famous Monopoly Game developed especially for children. Besides being a lot of fun, it can be a very creative way to teach about money, that is, to work on financial education.

Piggy bank

14. Piggy bank

Another cool tip when we talk about financial education is the piggy bank. It will allow the child to understand the importance of saving money to be able to buy what he wants and to be able to exercise it in the future in an easier way.

Detective games

15. Detective games

Do you know those games that can totally grab the attention of children? It’s this one! The detective game is an incredible pastime that arouses the curiosity of the little ones and will yield a lot of fun.

Film Glove

16. Film glove

Children simply love the superheroes in the movies. Even when they grow up, these characters are still present in the imagination. This gift idea will allow the child to feel like their favorite hero.


17. Foosball

Pebolim is a very old game and capable of providing super fun moments. It is great for interaction, works in motor coordination and for children who enjoy football, it is even more stimulating.

Games that stimulate the imagination

18. Games that stimulate the imagination

In this game, children are encouraged to unleash their imaginations and create their stories. Working on the imagination is very important to develop creativity, which worked at this stage, will certainly impact the future.

Barbie doll

19. Barbie doll

This toy is really cool to stimulate the imagination. Look for dolls that come with other accessories, so that the child can pretend to be the owner of a business. As we mentioned above, it can help in the sense of responsibility and in Financial Education.

Costumes for girls

20. Costumes for girls

If there is one thing that really helps to stimulate the imagination of the little ones, surely, it is the fantasies. They allow them to really get into the character and can feel themselves within the stories.

Costumes for boys

21. Costumes for boys

Boys also love costumes, especially if they are one of their favorite superheroes. This is the kind of gift that yields a lot of fun, after all, the imagination will run wild.

Toy Music Instruments

22. Toy music instruments

The instruments, even if made of toys, are great for stimulating children’s interest in music and perhaps arousing the desire to learn to play later. For sure, it will yield moments of great fun.

Set of sweatpants

23. Sweatshirt set

Clothes are great gift options. The important thing is to make sure that they are very comfortable and, if possible, that they have prints of your favorite characters or games. If you have, it will please you very much. You bet!

Beyblade Spinning Top

24. Beyblade spinning top

This is a toy that was once a fever and that children continue to enjoy very much. It is that type of item that everyone wants to have and, therefore, it is an assertive choice to give at this stage.


25. Skates

Which child never dreamed of rollerblading? This is one of those gifts that everyone will love. Because it provides leisure and fun, interaction, helps with motor coordination, works balance and perfectly matches this phase of childhood.

Soccer ball

26. Soccer ball

Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world and it is not for nothing that children love to play it. The ball is a gift that will allow for fun moments, develop competitive spirit and work skills.


27. Lego

Thousands of possibilities in the same toy, so is Lego. These little pieces are very loved by children, as they challenge to use their imagination in creating new things.

Professions game

28. Professions game

If you are looking for something that stimulates the imagination and is related to professions, such as a chemistry lab, it is a very good suggestion. Children tend to be very curious about the laboratories and this will allow them to unleash their creativity.


29. Blackboard

It can be used to play school, or simply to write and draw. Anyway, it helps to practice what was studied in school and is another very cool tool for the creative process of the little ones.

Game picks rods

30. Game picks rods

This is one of those games that both children and adults love and can be a great opportunity for interaction for the whole family. The stick grabber is a simple game, but full of challenges.


31. Tent

In addition to offering a lot of comfort, this tent is ideal for creating a playful space in the bedroom and allowing creativity and imagination to roll from it. It’s a very different and creative gift tip.

Remote control car

32. Remote control car

Another toy that is very desired and that, for sure, should please. Remote control carts provide entertainment and good times. It is a smart and assertive bet.

More gift ideas

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