The 6 best gifts to offer after visiting Lisbon

When visiting a nice and beautiful city, it is natural that you want to bring some gift memories to friends and / or family. In the case of a visit to the beautiful city of Lisbon, there are so many gifts that can be chosen that it is difficult to choose just one. Discover the 6 best gifts to offer after visiting Lisbon and win the admiration of someone who is dear to you.

1. Sweets

If the gifts are for people who are not far away, then an excellent idea is to buy some confectionery products. Lisbon has several fine pastries and gourmet stores capable of offering many and varied cakes, regional sweets, pastries, breads, chocolates or any other sweets that will naturally delight those who receive them. In addition to the candy itself, it should be noted that some of the pastries have beautifully decorated gift boxes that are an extra gift in their own right. The traditional and very delicious Pastéis de Belém are a very tempting hypothesis for an irresistible gift and are part of the imaginary of Lisbon.

2. Clothes

Some people love receiving clothes so much that it doesn’t even cross our minds to buy them something different even though we are quite far from home. For these cases, Lisbon has representations of all the major national and international brands with regard to clothing, footwear and accessories. From the highest to the most economical prices, it is always possible to find with relative quality and at a good price any item of clothing that you want to purchase. A trip to the shops in downtown Lisbon will serve as a stroll and, at the same time, as an excuse to buy some of the ready-to-wear gifts in establishments filled with all the latest fashion trends.

3. Souvenirs

Souvenirs alluding to the city are always a guaranteed success. There is no one who does not like to receive a beautiful postcard from Lisbon or one of the ceramic sardines that are so fashionable. Many tourists opt for the meteorological bump to indicate changes in weather or an artifact with an allusion to Lisbon. There is no shortage of choice! They are usually the last resort for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for spectacular gifts, but they are wonderful souvenirs.

4. Books

In Lisbon there are dozens of bookstores, from the most historic to the most modern. There are used booksellers where you can find authentic treasures of literature at very affordable prices. If the gift is to offer to someone who likes to read, then betting on a book will certainly be a very wise move. Both the oldest classics and the most modern bestsellers of today are available in Lisbon. Just look around and enjoy the wonderful bookstores of the capital.

5. Drinks

In Lisbon you can buy all kinds of drinks, such as Portuguese wines from the best grape varieties, liqueurs and other spirits from the most varied brands and sources. A beautiful bottle well presented in its own box or in its own package can be a very creative gift. If the bottle is properly packaged it can withstand long trips without breaking and without the drink losing its properties, which makes this idea a good suggestion for gifts that need to be transported away.

6. Crockery, porcelain, clay and tiles

It may not be one of the easiest gifts to transport, but certainly ceramics in general make a great gift. In the city of Lisbon, various decorative and utilitarian dishes are available for sale, as well as objects in clay and loose tiles or panels that, if offered to lovers, can become the center of decoration of the house. Some of these pieces, such as the Vista Alegre or Viúva Lamego ceramics, reach very high prices, but you can always discover an object at a pleasant cost.

There are no limits with regard to the gifts that can be found in Lisbon to offer. Only the imagination, creativity and purchasing power of each person dictates the rules. One thing is certain, in Lisbon there is a little something for everyone and at all prices. It depends after the effort and availability of each one to find the ideal gift for that special person.

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