Advantages and disadvantages of offering a gift voucher

Thinking about a gift to offer to someone can become a real adventure or a headache, given the difficulty of finding the perfect gift, the one that is the “face” of the person you want to offer. In this sense, the gift voucher can present itself as a very interesting solution. Will be?

Is the gift voucher a good gift?

At first glance, a gift voucher does, in fact, seem to take less work when you have to think about a gift to offer, since the only element you need to choose is the store / service where you will buy the gift voucher. However, for some people, offering a gift voucher may mean that you don’t know what the other person likes or that you haven’t tried hard to find a gift. Therefore, opinions regarding the gift voucher are divided: there are advantages and disadvantages!


  • Present without error: as the gift voucher is a more widespread offer, that is, only the store where the check is to be spent (as well as the corresponding amount) is chosen, there is less risk of erring in the taste of the person to whom it will be offered.
  • Offer freedom: this gift is a way to give the recipient the opportunity to choose something that they really like and that will be useful to them, which is not always the case when choosing a physical gift. Most stores already offer this gift voucher option: clothing and footwear stores, technology stores, furniture stores, bookstores, beauty clinics and spas, among others, are some of the examples available. There are also many stores with a wide range of products ranging from, for example, literature to technology … which considerably increases the range of choice.
  • Solidarity gift: sometimes the recipient is in urgent need of something that you cannot buy in full, but to which you can contribute. This is one of the utilities of the gift voucher. Imagine, for example, a cell phone, a computer or a home appliance. All of this brings huge expenses, both for yourself and for the person in need. Defining a value in a gift voucher is a way to reduce this burden and still offer an extremely useful gift.
  • Present without complications and exhaustion: contrary to some disadvantages that we will present next, offering a gift voucher does not always mean that you didn’t waste time looking for a gift. Sometimes, he even spent a lot of time looking for the perfect gift and, as he couldn’t find anything, the gift voucher presents itself as a door to salvation for the end of complications. It is practical and the headaches are resolved.
  • Offer moments: some gift vouchers offer more than a gift, offer moments for children, family moments, moments for two, fun moments, unique experiences and moments of happiness. More than a material good, there are moments that are unforgettable.


  • Meaningless gift: a gift voucher is not a gift that, at the outset, has a meaning or meaning between the one who gives and the one who receives, which shows the affection they have for each other. In fact, it can show that you don’t know or don’t know what the other person really likes.
  • Impersonal and effortless present: one does not think about what is being offered with special care, there is no effort, that is, something impersonal and “cold” is offered.
  • Present with or without freedom? Many people argue that if a gift voucher is offered based on freedom of choice, that freedom should be total, something that does not happen with the limitation to a store. So, instead of giving a gift voucher, “it is better” to offer money.
  • Gift with expiration date: in principle, the gift voucher has a deadline for use, which means that, in addition to the limitation to the store, there are other restrictions.
  • Less secure gift: the least security, in this case, refers to the possibility that the store to which the check is directed to close before it can be used. It may also happen that the person loses the gift voucher or misses the expiration date… what then?

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