10 unique gifts to offer to music lovers

Choosing a gift can become a real puzzle, especially when the recipient is a music fanatic. Don’t despair! So that your options of choice are not limited to a CD, here are some original suggestions.

1. Stereo with CD, MP3 and radio player

A sound system is always a good choice and there are already brands that bet on small devices with a quality sound, thus being able to contribute significantly to the passion for the music of the friend or family. Choose a good sound system that allows you to use various music formats, including a USB port and, preferably, with a remote and you will see that you will be successful with your gift.

2. Biography of a singer / band

Music fans like to get to know the lives of their favorite singers and bands, so a biography will always be a good option and an unexpected gift. Consult the publishing market and you will see that the range of biographies in the world of music is quite varied. If you can, bet on a biography full of photos, which will give another life to the book … and the present.

3. MP3 / iPod

Choose a modern MP3 or high-end iPod and offer it filled with the favorite songs of those who will receive it. If the person to be gifted already has an MP3 or iPod, they can choose to offer an accessory, as there are countless options available: an extra charger, speakers, protective bags, headphones, among others.

4. Annual subscription to a music magazine

Being up to date with musical news is essential for any music lover. So, when choosing a gift for a music lover, bet on a national or international magazine (Rolling Stone magazine, for example, is a great suggestion). If the person contemplating this gift prefers to read magazines in digital format, surprise them with the offer of the online subscription.

5. Original CD holder

The true music lover lives surrounded by dozens, if not hundreds of CDs, so why not surprise him with one of the countless possibilities of CD holders that the market has available. Be creative, choose one that suits the person’s profile, the style of your home and contributes to the organization of your precious musical collection.

6. Karaoke game

There are no music lovers who don’t like to sing and a karaoke night is always fun. There are countless options available on the market, so take a chance and choose a fun game that allows for nights of music and entertainment. An original gift for those who can’t live without music!

7. Complete collection of a singer / band

For unconditional fans of a particular singer or band, you can choose to offer the complete collection of the artist or a special edition of an album. A gift that will leave anyone open-mouthed, especially if you are a true music collector.

8. Ticket to a concert

There is no music lover who would not love to be able to attend, live and very closely, the concert of one of his idols. Imagine the face of disbelief and joy when you unwrap this surprise … the perfect gift!

9. iTunes Gift Voucher

When in doubt, an iTunes gift voucher is always an excellent gift for a music fan – so they can create and download a playlist to their liking and brand new!

10. High-performance headphones

Headphone fashion is here to stay and this can be an excellent gift, especially if you opt for quality headphones that provide clarity and acoustic detail. Go further and offer wireless headphones! There will be no better way to listen to your favorite songs just as if you were at a live concert.

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