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The closer the person to be presented, the more difficult it is to choose the right item, isn’t it? Therefore, many people have doubts when defining the gift for best friend, be it a birthday gift for your best friend or for other special occasions.

The most important tip is to keep an eye out to see if your friend comments on something she wants or needs. Also think about items that are related to her personality and style or to hobbies and even to the profession.

Don’t you know what to give to your best friend? We put together a very nice list with gift ideas to buy and also best friend DIY gift. Check it out and get inspired!

Oh and be sure to see until the end of the post because we separated a video with some step by step gift for best friend and demonstrate how much your friendship is worth.

1- Necklace of best friends


How about using the gift to celebrate the friendship between you?

There are several models of best friends necklaces and you can choose the one that best matches your friend’s personality.

The idea is that both wear the necklace, so they can remember the power of that friendship.

2- Personalized comic

Do you prefer best friend DIY gift ideas?

A very easy one, but super cool, is this comic.

Choose a picture of yourself and write down why she is your best friend, thinking of a special message.

3- Personalized mug

THE personalized mug it is a gift that is always successful.

And it wouldn’t be different with your great friend, would it?

Choose a model that represents you or has a nice message of friendship.

4- Personalized cell phone case


The cell phone cases are also good ideas for gifting the best friend, especially for those friends who have everything.

You can choose from models with photos, phrases or with emblematic passages from films and series.

Like the one in the Gray’s Anatomy series that recalls the friendship of Meredith Gray and Cristina Yang.

5- Pills of happiness

Don’t know what to give to a special friend, who is cheap and creative?

A good creative gift idea for a handmade friend is this little pot of happiness pills.

Inside, put the treats your friend likes most, like candies, chocolate and jelly beans.

6- Personalized pillow

There are many personalized items that you can give to your best friend.

If she loves decoration, for example, how about a pillow made just for her?

There are many models that can be customized with photographs, phrases and others.

7- Bis Box

The Bis box is a classic in the internet tutorials of DIY gifts.

And of course there is also a version adapted to give to your best friend.

You can think of a special message for her and set up the message using the packaging of each Bis.

8- Best friends t-shirt

Looking for a creative gift for a birthday friend?

How about showing on a T-shirt how much you complete each other and how special this friendship is?

This is a fun idea to show how much you complement and understand each other.

9- Scrapbook

If you have been friends for a long time, how about an idea that helps to remember all these incredible moments?



The scrapbook is a kind of personalized photo album in which you can include memories, messages, poems and other details.

10- Makeup bag

Is your friend extremely vain and loves to put on makeup?

If the gift is for a special moment, like the 15th birthday, you can invest in a more expensive gift.

Like this beautiful makeup bag with eyeliner, lipsticks, lip gloss, compact powder, brush kit, blush and much more.

11- Customized luminaire


The lamp is very successful and is used to present the boyfriend and also the friends.

You can choose the message you want to include and personalize your gift.

When the lamp is turned on, it projects the chosen message and design.

12- Gourmet brigadeiro marmitinha


Does your friend love sweets and can’t resist a delicious treat?

O Brigadeiro Gourmet it is an incredible option for many occasions.

Choose different flavors and assemble a funky marmitinha as shown.

13- SPA Kit

Is your friend going through a complicated phase and is feeling a little stressed or with self-esteem down there?

This SPA kit is a really cool idea to improve her mood.

It has two hand wipes, mini moisturizing liquid soap, mini moisturizing cream, bar soaps and mini room diffuser.

14- Slippers

Is your best friend very homely and it seems difficult to choose her gift?

Invest in comfortable items that help you relax at home.

Like these beautiful unicorn slippers!

15- Chocolate basket

The chocolate basket is a gift idea that never goes out of style and pleases women of different styles and ages.

If your friend is an avowed chocoholic, make a basket with all the chocolates she likes best!

See some step by step gift for best friend!

Do you want to do something special to present your best friend and demonstrate how important your friendship is? Then follow the video and discover several ideas.

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