Where to Take Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day? 15 Ideas!



Besides gifts, a romantic walk is essential to conquer those we love, isn’t it? But of course it always beats that doubt about where to take your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

While there are many tips and ideas, it is important to consider her preferences. Think about your girlfriend’s personality, is she more adventurous, homely or romantic? Then try to select the suggestions that best fit her profile.

Don’t know where to take your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day? Check out the ideas we separated and surprise your loved ones!

Oh and be sure to see until the end of the post, because there is a video with some tour tips to celebrate Valentine’s Day and make your loved one more passionate!

1- Romantic restaurant

The restaurant is a classic Valentine’s Day tour.

But it is not worth taking the beloved to that place that you always go.

Look for a special restaurant in your city or in nearby cities and check if there is any schedule for the date.

The intention is to surprise.

2- Picnic

Is your girlfriend super romantic and is your money short to pay for a special dinner?

No problem! You can make a creative surprise.

Just organize a picnic in a different location, it can even be on the lawn of your home.

Include candles, fruits, wines, cheeses and other special dishes and snacks.

3- Balloon ride

4- Horse riding

How about a romantic adventure and in contact with nature?

Take advantage of Valentine’s Day to “stretch” and escape to the countryside.

Nothing cooler than a delicious ride, discovering the hills and landscapes and enjoying this very romantic moment!

5- Train ride

Train rides are available in several cities across the country.

Many have a special program, including lunch and stops at strategic locations.

This is a very nice idea to surprise your girlfriend and to enjoy a different moment together.

6- Wineries

Difficult to find anything more romantic than good wine, right?

So if you don’t know where to take your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, how about scheduling a special day at a winery.

Many offer lunch, a tour and the harvest and pay system.

It will be an amazing and super romantic experience!

7- Bike ride

Do you love to exercise and spend hours outdoors?

Schedule a bike tour in a special location with incredible scenery.

Stop to eat something (it might even be a picnic) and enjoy that moment!

8- Boat trip

Another cool idea for couples who love to enjoy the outdoors is the boat trip.

It can be done in rivers, sea or lakes, depending on what you have in your city or region.

Make this moment even more special by separating a wine or some delight that your girlfriend adores!

9- Watch the sunset


Don’t know where to take your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day because you are broke?

Creativity is much more important than luxury venues.

Choose a place in your city where you can enjoy the sunset safely and calmly and schedule a special moment to spend with your loved one.

10- Enjoy the stars


Is there anything more romantic than enjoying the stars?

Choose a location without many people in the city or a higher hill and schedule that moment.

You can take blankets, pillows, wines, cheeses and other delicacies and stay close together watching the stars and the moon!

11- Kart

How about getting out of the routine totally?

Take your beloved to go karting with you!

This is an excellent idea for adventurous and competition-loving girlfriends.

From there, you can amend for a Romantic dinner or something that has to do with your personality!

12- Amusement park


Does your girlfriend have a creative personality and love different outings?

A nice idea is to spend Valentine’s Day at an amusement park.

You will certainly remember this special moment for many years to come!

13- Camp


How about taking your girlfriend to enjoy nature?

Schedule a camp and stretch out on Valentine’s Day.

If you can’t stay away for a long time, prefer places close to where you live and make a special overnight stay.

14- Cultural program


Cultural programs are great ideas for where to take your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

See what’s going on in your city or neighboring cities.

It can be a theater play, dance show, music show or even a trip to the cinema!

15- Romantic trip


If the idea is to surprise the beloved enough, how about a surprise trip?

It can be for international destinations or for nearby places, like beach, mountains and tourist cities.

The important thing is to spend a few days alone!

See some ideas for walks for Valentine’s Day!

Still unsure of where to take your girlfriend? Then watch the video below and discover some wonderful places to celebrate that date.

Now you know where to take your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?

Enjoy and see gift tips for girlfriend!


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