Ideas to Make Money at Home »15 Creative Suggestions!

Whether in a moment of unemployment or for those who need to increase their income, seek some ideas for making money at home it’s always something interesting.

The good news is that there are many ways to earn money quickly and honestly, creatively and with low investment.

Everything will depend on your skills and it is even possible to find a new profession.

You can make money from food, make money from crafts and in many other ways.

Are you interested? Continue reading this content and see the tips that we separated!

Oh and be sure to see until the end of the post, because there is a video of a Financial Advisor with ideas for making money at home, to start today.

1- Sell fitness lunchboxes

Earn money with lunch box fitness

Earn money with fitness lunchbox | Photograph

Are you a person who loves to cook and everyone praises your seasoning? Use it in your favor.

The food sector continues to grow – and more and more customers are looking for fitness lunchboxes, diet, whether by those who want to have a healthier life (or even by people who have some type of food intolerance).

You can sell frozen lunch boxes, make weekly or daily deliveries, or it is still possible for consumers to pick up the products at your home.

2- Gourmet sweets trade

Make gourmet sweets to sell

Make gourmet sweets to sell | Photograph

In addition to the fitness sector, another area of ​​food that gives a lot of money is confectionery.

Gourmet sweets are on the rise and there is always demand for parties, gifts, special occasions or for your own consumption.

It is possible to produce brigadeiros, kisses, bug and other goodies – all with top quality ingredients.

3- Sell handmade products

Make handmade products for sale

Make handmade products for sale | Photograph

You know how to perform some kind of crafts? Well know that this is a great idea to earn extra money with little investment.

There are many products you can sell, depending on the type of crafts you produce.

For example: crochet bags and clothes, crochet rugs, felt garlands, embroidered T-shirts or embroidered embroidery comics, handmade soaps, etc.

It is possible to sell directly to customers or over the internet, through specific marketplaces such as Elo7.

Don’t forget to set up a company page on Facebook and a business profile on Instagram.

4- Sell what you no longer use

Sell ​​what you no longer use

Sell ​​what you no longer use | Photograph

Everyone has some items at home that have been lying for years and unused. So, there are many ideas of what to sell to make money fast.

You will be able to set up a garage sale and invite friends, acquaintances and family members to these sales, selling clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags, electronics and others – as long as the products are in good condition, of course.

And when you are finished mining the products at home, resell those of family and friends. In addition to personal selling, use the internet on sites like OLX, Mercado Livre, Enjoei etc.

5- Give private lessons

Teach private lessons at home

Give private lessons at home | Photograph

Everyone knows something they can share with interested people.

In addition to the traditional school subjects (where you can offer tutoring), it is possible to give lessons in musical instruments, singing, dancing, crafts, cooking, languages ​​and any other subject you master.

You can advertise your services on Facebook (in specific groups) or on specialized websites, such as Superprof.

6- Dog walker and nanny

Work at home taking care and walking dogs

Work at home taking care and walking dogs | Photograph

More and more Brazilians rely on pets at home. But not everyone has time to walk with them daily.

That’s where the dog walker role comes in. If you love animals, this is a good idea to earn extra money. Many applications offer this service, you just need to do online training before you start.

Another possibility is the dog sitting service, that is, taking care of the dogs while the owners are away or traveling. This service can be provided at the person’s home or you can host the dogs at your home.

7- Work as a virtual assistant

Work as a virtual assistant at home

Work as a virtual assistant at home | Photograph

This is a great idea on how to earn extra money on the internet, with very low investment.

Many companies are hiring virtual assistants, that is, people who, at a distance, help with routine office services, such as taking care of the professionals’ agenda, answering phone calls, scheduling meetings, passing budget to customers, etc.

These services can be done remotely, as long as you have access to the internet, and do not require any specific knowledge.

8- Work as a freelancer

Work from home as a freelancer

Work from home as a freelancer | Photograph

In addition to providing service as a virtual assistant, there are many other demands that can be made remotely – and you can offer them as a freelancer.

For example: illustrator, graphic design, proofreader, translator, digital marketing professional, web editor, programmer, etc.

Some of these possibilities will require more specific knowledge. However, the good news is that there are several sites where you can learn for free.

You can advertise your services on Facebook and Instagram and also on specific websites, such as Workana, 99jobs, GetNinjas, WeDoLogos etc.

9- Sell online courses

Sell ​​online courses without leaving home

Sell ​​online courses without leaving home | Photograph

There are two possibilities here: either to produce your own courses or to resell from third parties.

In the second case, you will need to have knowledge to set up a website / blog, feed it with content and fight over the main keywords.

Then, when you have enough access, you can resell partner courses and earn commission for each sale made.

In the first case, you can create your own online course and sell it through your website or social network or through affiliates (in the system we explained above). Currently, the main website for both cases is Hotmart.

10- See online advertisements

Work by viewing online advertisements

Work by viewing online advertisements | Photograph

Many people want to know how to earn extra money on the internet – but not everyone has specific marketing or other expertise for freelancing.

If that’s your case, a good idea is to sign up for paid to click platforms – which pay users to watch advertisements online.

Basically, they all work the same way: you will have a predetermined time per day to watch and click on a number of ads and you will be paid for it.

It is important, however, to look for good sites that offer this service and that also have an interesting remuneration.

11- Sell your photographs online

Sell ​​your photos online

Sell ​​your photographs online | Photograph

Do you love photography? Use this to earn extra money on the internet.

After all, you can sell your best clicks to sites that sell photos online.

For example: Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Alamy and other stock images.

The more beautiful and creative your photos, the greater the chances of making good money.

12- Offer virtual consultancy

Offer virtual consultancy

Offer virtual consultancy | Photograph

Anyone who is an expert or very well mastered a subject can become a virtual consultant.

These are highly paid professionals who are paid to offer advice and help companies in different segments.

You will be able to provide this service in various areas such as marketing, financial management, accounting etc.

13- Resale cosmetics

Resale cosmetics at home

Reselling cosmetics at home | Photograph

Currently, there are many companies that offer this possibility, such as Avon, Natura, Eudora etc.

This is an excellent opportunity to earn extra money on weekends or when you can sell these items.

It is possible to sell to co-workers, friends, family and also over the internet.

14- Be a professional makeup artist

Be a professional makeup artist at home

Be a professional makeup artist at home | Photograph

Who loves makeup can invest in this sector that keeps growing.

It is possible to become a professional makeup artist and offer these services at home, at clients’ houses or in partnership with salons.

You will have to invest in your own makeup and in refresher and specialization courses, but the return is very interesting.

15- Ideas to make money at home: test apps

Earn money testing apps

Earn money testing apps | Photograph

A good idea for making extra money on the internet is to test applications before they are launched.

There are several websites that offer this possibility. You earn per tested application, that is, the more you test, the more money you earn.

Discover 15 more ideas to make money at home!

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