Mother’s Day Surprise »15 Unique Ideas for 2020!

A very common question is what to do on Mother’s Day. After all, it is important to think of different and creative ways to celebrate the date. How about preparing a surprise for Mother’s Day?

It doesn’t take much money or time to make your mom happy. A few creative ideas are enough to celebrate Mother’s Day in an unforgettable way.

In this content, we’ve separated the best surprises for Mother’s Day – with ideas so simple that you won’t believe it. Check out!

Oh and be sure to see until the end of the post because there is a video of a step by step how to make an explosive box for Mother’s Day, she will love it!

1- Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed for mom

Breakfast in bed for mom | Photograph

Nothing more surprising than being woken up to a delicious treat breakfast in bed, Is not it?

You can set up a pretty tray with everything your mom likes.

Include: fruit juices, granola, breads, cakes, cookies, butter, jam and other items. And, of course, decorate with flowers and a beautiful Mother’s Day card.

2- Bouquet of flowers

Bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day

Bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day | Photograph

The fact that you live far away cannot be an excuse to stop making a surprise for Mother’s Day.

After all, with the internet, it is possible to hire services or even send flowers from a distance.

This is an old surprise, but it is still a hit with several moms! Submit a bouquet of flowers very beautiful, with a special card and leave your mother thrilled.

3- Tickets at the house

House tickets to surprise the mother

Tickets to the house to surprise the mother | Photograph

Do you live with your mom and the money is short this year for a more expensive surprise?

Use your creativity and invest in ways to surprise your mother with a lot of affection.

A nice idea is to spread notes around the house with messages of thanks and love.

4- SPA at home

SPA at home for Mother's Day

SPA at home for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Usually, mothers have busy routines and full of housework and work.

How about helping her on that Mother’s Day, with a surprise for her to relax?

Create a SPA at home and offer different treatments, such as skin care, hair care, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow etc.

5- Cinema session

Surprise for Mother's Day with cinema session

Surprise for Mother’s Day with cinema session | Photograph

As we said in the introduction, the surprise for Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

If you love movies, how about taking the big mom to the movies on this special date?

Let her choose the movie she wants to watch and participate in that family time.

6- Cosmetics basket

Cosmetic basket for mom

Cosmetic basket for mom | Photograph

THE breakfast basket is an old acquaintance when it comes to surprising mothers.

But it is not the only option. If your mother is vain and loves to take care of herself, how about a cosmetic basket?

Gather the items she likes most, like body and face creams, hair treatments, scrubs, bath salts, etc.

7- Scrapbook

Scrapbook for Mother's Day

Scrapbook for Mother’s Day | Photograph

No matter how old you are, for your mother you will always be a little baby!

How about helping to remember this whole story by assembling a Scrapbook?

This handmade photo album is a great way to recover the good times lived with your mother and still create something totally unique and original for her.

8- Horse riding

Horseback riding for Mother's Day

Horseback riding for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Does your mother love nature and animals? Surprise this date with a different tour.

If you live in the city and do not have much contact with country life, how about taking a family horseback ride?

Take Mom inland or to a ranch and spend a good hour riding!

9- Family camping

Surprise the mother with a family camp

Surprise the mother with a family camp | Photograph

Don’t know what to do for the mother by surprise? Instead of investing in material items how about surprising with good times?

Family camping is super fun – but not everyone has had this experience.

For families who like adventure and nature, this is a great inspiration!

10- Train ride

Mother's Day surprise with a train ride

Mother’s Day surprise with a train ride | Photograph

Trains were once the main means of transportation in Brazil. Today, unfortunately, they are little used.

But many lines are being revitalized and used for sightseeing by train.

How about bringing the whole family together to enjoy a different tour?

Some cities that offer this tour are: Morretes and Curitiba (PR), São João Del Rey and Tiradentes (MG), Bento Gonçalves and Carlos Barbosa (RS), Campinas and Jaguariúna (SP), Viana and Araguaia (ES), Belo Horizonte (MG), Cariacica (ES), Campo Grande and Miranda (MS), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Pindamonhangaba and Campos do Jordão (SP) and Serra do Navio (AP).

11- Balloon ride

Balloon ride on Mother's Day

Balloon ride on Mother’s Day | Photograph

Seeing the world from above is a unique experience and surely your mother will fondly remember this gift.

If she has an adventurous spirit and likes more romantic programs, how about investing in that idea?

Many balloon rides have other additional attractions, such as sparkling wine, special breakfast and photo shoot.

12- Discover wineries and wineries

Take your mother to visit wineries and wineries

Take your mother to visit wineries and wineries | Photograph

Is your mother a wine lover? So she will definitely love this surprise idea for Mother’s Day.

Our country has many cities that produce wine – and several properties allow tourists to get to know the grape plantations and wineries.

Choose one with a pick-and-pay system (which you can pick from the grapes) and take your mother on a special tour.

13- Visit to the museum

Visit a museum with your mother

Visit a museum with your mother | Photograph

For mothers more attuned to cultural life, a good idea is to set aside Sunday to visit some museums.

You can choose options in your city or travel with your mom on the weekend to other places.

São Paulo, for example, is known for the large number and variety of museums – and this can be a great idea for a family outing!

14- Mother’s Day Cake

Mother's Day Cake

Mother’s Day Cake | Photograph

How about surprise on Mother’s Day by going to the kitchen and preparing something special for her?

A good idea is to set up a Delicious cake and serve it on Sunday for the family.

In addition to a delicious recipe, it is also great to decorate.

15- Chocolate basket

Surprise for Mother's Day with chocolate basket

Surprise for Mother’s Day with basket of chocolate | Photograph

Does your mom love sweets and can’t resist a treat?

Assemble one Chocolate basket with her favorite delicacies and surprise her on this date!

Learn how to make an explosive box for Mother’s Day!

Still out of ideas of what to do for Mother’s Day? So watch the video and see how to make a beautiful surprise for your mom.

Did you see how many cool surprise ideas for Mother’s Day?

Visit our special section and find other gift tips, decorations, baskets and more for the Mothers Day!

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