Movement circuit to do indoors

One of the biggest challenges for those with children at home is to find ways to make them spend energy in a fun way. Today’s post comes with an idea of ​​a movement circuit that I made for Gabi using…. the house shoes! That’s right! The shoes become a game that makes children move.

Motion circuit with shoes

The game is like that. First you will need to pick up at least 10 pairs of shoes. It can be more, if you have it.

The next step is to make a row with the shoes. But beware, shoes need to be placed in different directions. One pair points to the front, another to the right, another to the left, and so on.

The circuit consists of asking the children to make a sequence of jumps following the direction of the shoe. If the shoe is pointed forward, it jumps forward. If the pair faces the right side, the child jumps to the right side. Watch the video below to understand how it works:

If it is too easy for children, you can complicate it by making the movement circuit with a sequence that alternates the pair of shoes with one foot. In addition to knowing which way to jump, the child has to use the same foot of the shoe that is on the circuit.

If you leave the right foot of the shoe facing the left side, the child has to jump with the same foot, facing the same side! It’s not easy!

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