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The pajama party is an old acquaintance of many people – and today it is on the rise again, making it big with children and teenagers (and even with versions for boys). Despite this, many have doubts about how to organize a slumber party and are looking for slumber party ideas.

There are no fixed rules like the time when the slumber party should start or what foods should be served.

This is a more intimate celebration and can therefore be shaped according to your preferences and the age of the guests.

For a successful pajama party it is important: a nice decoration, lively activities and games, tasty treats and snacks and the best friends together!

The slumber party can be used to celebrate the birthday or just as an excuse to get people together at home. See the pajama party ideas that we separated!

Be sure to see until the end of the post, because there is a very cool video with other pajama party ideas, for your party to be a hit.

1- Decorate the room

Decorate the room for slumber party

Decorate the room for the pajama party | Photograph

Usually, the slumber party is held in the living room, where there is more space for all the guests.

If this is the case, be sure to decorate the space well, making it cheerful and comfortable.

Use cushions, mattresses, colorful fabrics, paper lanterns and other incredible details.

2- Set up a corner of the treats

Candy table for slumber party

Goodies table for slumber party | Photograph

Your question is what to serve at the slumber party?

Think of items that kids like and invest in these goodies, creating a table where the guests themselves can help themselves.

Just remember to make sure with the other parents that all children can eat the items you have prepared.

3- Organize individual stands

Pajama party with individual stalls

Pajama party with individual stands | Photograph

If there is enough space, how about investing in individual stands?

They are great ideas for party decoration pajamas, bringing extra charm to your celebration.

In addition, they bring more comfort to the guests, since each one will have their own mattress and “corner”.

4- Make a SPA night

Pajama party with SPA night

Pajama party with SPA night | Photograph

Entertaining the guests is also important, which is why many search for ideas for games for pajamas.

Everything will depend on the age and preferences of the guests.

For a girls’ pajama party, how about creating a SPA night?

They can do the nails, putting on makeup, applying hair creams, etc.

5- Have a slumber party in your room

Bedroom slumber party

Bedroom slumber party | Photograph

Will the slumber party be more intimate, with just a few (and good) friends?

Organize the celebration in the bedroom, decorating with balloons, lights and other details.

Spread out mattresses so everyone can get comfortable and enjoy this fun time.

6- Set up a little tag with the schedule

Plaque with pajama party schedule

Plaque with schedule for the pajama party | Photograph

The slate style signs are a hit in party decoration.

And they can also be used to decorate the slumber party.

At the entrance, where you will receive the guests, place a sign with the schedule, highlighting the games and activities.

7- Make a men’s pajama party

Military style men's pajama party

Military style men’s pajama party | Photograph

When we talk about a slumber party, many think that this celebration is only for girls, right?

But that is not true, more and more boys are participating in this idea.

You can organize a very nice decoration for your child to receive friends at home, like this military tent that will transform your room into a very fun camp.

8- Assemble souvenir kits

Pajama Party Favors Kit

Pajama party souvenir kit | Photograph

Are you organizing a birthday pajama party? Don’t forget the gifts.

They are very important and most children expect to receive something to take home.

In the case of the girls’ pajama party, one idea is to put together a kit with various treats, such as a sleeping mask and others.

9- Customize the invitation

Personalized invitation for slumber party

Personalized invitation for slumber party | Photograph

O party invitation pajamas also need to be thought out carefully.

The ideal is to work with something related to the theme, making it more personalized.

You can, for example, create the invitation in the form of a sleeping mask.

10- Invest in old games

Old games for the slumber party

Old games for the slumber party | Photograph

Nothing better to entertain the kids than the games of old, without so much technology.

Twister is one that is successful today and will keep everyone excited and up until the wee hours.

It works for both girls and boys parties.

11- Serve individual kits

Individual kits at the slumber party

Individual kits at the slumber party | Photograph

Another game that is successful at the pajama party is watching movies (horror, princess or others that the guests like).

Right now, serving something to nip is important.

You can assemble individual kits with soda, popcorn and some candy.

12- Let the children assemble the souvenirs

Souvenirs for children to set up at the slumber party

Souvenirs for children to set up at the pajama party | Photograph

What if the children set up the pajama party favors themselves?

This is an idea that works both as a joke and as a souvenir.

You can offer them colored beads and let each one assemble their own bracelet.

13- Have a superhero slumber party

Superhero pajama party

Superhero slumber party | Photograph

Themed pajama parties are also on the rise, as well as other types of celebrations.

For boys, there are many creative and cool ideas.

The superhero party is one that conquers boys of different ages – and each one will be able to sleep in the “stand” of their favorite hero.

14- Organize foosball matches

Pajama party with foosball matches

Pajama party with foosball matches | Photograph

Another idea for a pajama party is football decoration.

After all, most boys love the sport.

And to entertain the kids how about some games of foosball?

15- Offer slippers and personalized mask

Personalized slipper and mask for slumber party

Personalized slipper and mask for sleepover | Photograph

As this is a more intimate party, you can invest in personalized items for the guests.

For example, these beautiful slippers and sleeping masks with the name of each guest.

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Do you still have doubts about how to decorate and set up your pajama party? Then watch the video and discover many other ways to set up your party.

After seeing these pajama party ideas, did it become easier to organize yours?

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