Simple Gifts for Mother’s Day »15 Easy Ideas!


With the second Sunday in May approaching, many people start to wonder how to find the simple gifts for Mother’s Day. Many end up leaving this decision to the last minute and then there is always the doubt of what to choose.

If you are a little tight this year, know that there are good ideas for simple gifts for Mother’s Day that, despite being cheaper and cheaper, nevertheless positively surprise.

Need help choosing a Mother’s Day gift? See the suggestions we’ve separated!

Oh and be sure to check until the end of the post, because there is a video with 3 step by step gifts for Mother’s Day, super easy and simple to do.

1- Succulent pot

Succulent pots for Mother’s Day | Photograph

The spider veins of succulents and cacti are on the rise, helping to decorate different environments.

They are also good creative gift ideas for Mother’s Day – and don’t cost too much.

Just try to personalize the cachepot or the plant’s own pot, with a special message for your mother.

2- Personalized mug

Personalized mug for Mother’s Day | Photograph

At personalized mugs are good simple gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Despite being an item with a more accessible value, it is still practical and useful in everyday life.

To add extra charm, invest in personalized mugs with your name, your mother’s name, images, phrases or other details.

3- Gourmet sweets

Gourmet sweets for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Who doesn’t love getting goodies as a gift?

The tip is to invest in gourmet sweets to surprise your mother.

The traditional brigadeiros gourmet are the most sought after, but you can also assemble a box with various delicacies (and even produce your own sweets).

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4- Relaxing box

Relaxing box for mom | Photograph

Boxes and kits are also always sought after as simple gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

After all, you can assemble your kit as you prefer (and with the products you want).

This idea is a relaxing box, with various personal care products, such as bath salts, massager, soap, towel etc.

5- Surprise breakfast box

Surprise breakfast box for mom | Photograph

THE breakfast basket it is a traditional gift for Mother’s Day.

But if you’re looking for cheap gift ideas, how about a smaller version?

The surprise breakfast box is very nice, since it has fewer items, but it is still a very charming treat.

6- Photo frame

Simple gift for Mother’s Day photo frame | Photograph

Photographs always help to make items more personalized and exclusive.

So, how about investing in a super special photo frame?

This model comes with the photos included in the word “mom”, but you can customize it as you prefer.

7- Party in the box

Box party for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Celebrating Mother’s Day with the family is a delight.

And for sure everything is better with cakes, sweets and snacks.

THE party in the box it is a trend and helps to make moments more special and surprising.

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8- Manicure kit

Gift manicure kit for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Do-it-yourself items are good inspirations for simple Mother’s Day gifts.

And many of them are super easy to do (and don’t even require a lot of investment).

The manicure kit in the glass jar is a nice idea that pleases many types of mothers. Include nail polish, files, nail pliers and other items.

9- Handmade soap

Handmade soap for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Don’t know what to give to a mom with little money?

How about a delicious handmade soap?

Choose beautiful and fragrant models and whip up the packaging!

10- Basket of chocolates

Chocolate basket for Mother’s Day | Photograph

THE Chocolate basket is a nice homemade Mother’s Day gift suggestion.

After all, you can assemble the item yourself.

Think about the chocolates your mother likes best and add other details to make the basket creative and well decorated.

11- Embroidered towel

Simple gifts for Mother’s Day with embroidered towel | Photograph

The inexpensive mom gift doesn’t have to be ugly or boring.

You can think of personalized products that make the surprise more creative.

An example is hand towel embroidered, in which you can include phrases, messages or your mother’s name.

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12- Personalized pillow

Personalized pillow for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Does your mom love decoration? Invest in a custom pillow!

You can think of phrases, messages and other ways to dedicate your love to her.

There are also versions that feature photo printing, leaving the item more differentiated and exclusive.

13- Necessaire

Gift box for mother | Photograph

When choosing the simple gift for Mother’s Day, think of something that is useful.

This way it will be easier for your mother to be really delighted with the surprise.

For example, this beautiful necessaire with a very cool and creative message.

14- Bouquet of flowers

Bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Which mother doesn’t love getting flowers? Although this is a traditional gift, it continues to be very successful.

You can choose the bouquet of flowers that your mom likes the most or create something different.

Use delicate, feminine and romantic flowers, such as white roses, daisies, gerberas and field flowers in general.

15- Makeup bouquet

Makeup bouquet for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Aren’t flowers your mother’s forte?

Create a creative bouquet with other items she likes, like makeup!

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