Cheap Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day Up to $ 50!


With the second Sunday in May approaching, many people are apprehensive about what to give to their mother. But if the money is short, how about some cheap gift ideas for Mother’s Day?

Know that, even if you spend little, you can give your mother something cool and creative. After all, there are many gift ideas for Mother’s Day that cost no more than R $ 50, but that will win her heart.

Don’t know what to give to a mom with little money? See this selection we have assembled!

Oh and be sure to see until the end of the post, because there is a video with step by step idea of ​​cheap and creative gift for Mother’s Day, your mom will love it!

Cheap Mothers Day Gift Ideas

1- Book

Gift book for mom | Store

Books are always great gift ideas for Mother’s Day, especially if your mom loves to read.

The good news is that there are cool titles with attractive prices.

In this book, the authors present the most common myths about motherhood and help both first-time and experienced mothers to deal with this moment. On Amazon, this book costs only R $ 18.90.

2- Perfume

Perfume for Mother’s Day | Store

Did you think that perfume could not be on our list of cheap Mother’s Day gift ideas?

Know that there are great options with attractive prices – and that you can please your mother without weighing your pocket.

Like the one in the picture, with refreshing notes, ideal for everyday use and which, on Amazon, costs only R $ 45.90.

3- Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow palette for your mom | Store

Is your mother vain and loves to put on makeup?

Take the opportunity to present her with various makeup items, such as eye shadow sets.

The one in the image has 12 sparkling, satin and opaque shadows with warm, cold, nude and black tones. And the best part is that it costs only R $ 39.10.

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4- Tennis


Tennis gift for mom | Store

Women’s tennis is on the rise, helping to compose several stripped looks and comfortable.

How about helping your mother to enter this trend?

This white shoe costs only R $ 39.98!

5- Necessaire

Necessaire for Mother’s Day | Store

THE necessaire it is an item that most women need. If your mother needs to take food to work, this is the ideal gift.

After all, the model is a thermal bag, ideal for organizing and keeping food and drinks fresh.

In addition to being beautiful, this necessaire is very cheap and will certainly leave your mother with more style when it comes to work.

6- Holy Bible

Holy Bible for your mother | Store

Religious mothers may also like our inexpensive Mother’s Day gift ideas.

A very nice possibility is to invest in this leather-bound Bible with large letters.

There is still the possibility to choose the cover and also if you want a Bible with or without an index!

7- Silk scarf

Gift silk scarf for mother | Store

Looking for a gift for Mother’s Day cheap and beautiful?

The silk scarf is a very versatile option that will help your mother to always be elegant.

It can be used on the neck, hair or even to decorate accessories, such as bags.

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8- Planner

Planner for your mom | Store

Is your idea to invest in a cheap and creative Mother’s Day gift?

The planner is a good idea, as it will help your mother to become more organized at various points in her life.

This annual planner offers, in addition to the monthly and weekly calendars, 5 tabs to help the mother better reflect and plan her routine, whether at home, in relationships, in faith, in personal life or at work.

There are hardcover and paperback options – both costing less than R $ 50.

9- Personalized mug

Personalized mug for Mother’s Day | Store

THE personalized mug is a creative Mother’s Day gift idea.

After all, you can include phrases or photos to make the accessory unique.

This image template allows customization with a photo of you and your mother and costs R $ 32.50!

10- Earrings

Earrings as cheap gift ideas for Mother’s Day | Store

At jewelry are great ideas for cheap Mother’s Day gifts.

After all, there are a variety of models and styles – and it will be easy to find an item that matches your mother’s personality.

This pair of earrings in the image imitates old gold and is quite elegant.

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