Very easy and inexpensive ideas to decorate your Halloween party!

Looking for cheap and easy Halloween ideas for a Halloween party? Come with us!

Are you planning a Halloween-themed birthday party, but have a short budget? Glue here: we will show you several cheap options. And beautiful, of course!

Almost all the cute decorations for the party were made using two things you probably have at home: paper and printer. The instructions on how to do the same and all the molds used, we made available to download here.

Halloween cake!

Naked cake is in fashion, and we enjoy that it is easy to make: just make 2 or 3 cakes in a disco shape, and stack using brigadeiro. (This cake came out pink because we used a little bit of beet powder in the dough.)

♥ The decorations on the base of the cake are sighs (you buy the cheap box at a candy store, like Aidan, in Rio) with glued eyes.

♥ The cake toppers are printed. You can download it for free, and follow the steps here.

Halloween candy!

♥ Here you see the same sighs and black-and-white titties (you also buy the cheap box at a candy store, like Aidan, in Rio) with their eyes glued together. How did no one think before sighs were born to be ghosts ?!

You can find these eyes to buy in craft stores (just remember that they are not edible, huh ?!). For children’s parties up to 8 years, it is best to make the eyes with icing.

♥ Cookie monsters. Another example of the duzóinhos effects. Impossible not to fall in love, right? Ah! And at Casa & Cozinha there is the recipe for making these cookies, run there ;-)!

♥ And brigadeiro tombs with the ghost coming out? Download it here, print it, cut it out and put it in the brigadeiros! 🙂

Halloween Suquinho!

♥ Little bottles with juice and cute labels. Download the labels here, print, cut and place in the bottles! 🙂 One tip is to reuse bottles of coconut milk 😉

Halloween souvenir!

And the souvenir to take home? This is mega-simple to make, and healthy. They are almonds that, naturally, look like a witch’s claw. And they were put in jars that look like witch’s potions, right ?! Such bottles have a very friendly price, and the charm of the tied black tulle gave the final touch. Quick, easy and cheap to make 🙂 The label / label you print here, and see the PAP here.

And then, quickly, you have your party set up! 🙂 Look: this post we produced for Mundo de Ideias HP and there is always cool and new material appearing there, so it is worth taking a look :-).

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