24 Gifts Everyone Who Lives Alone Needs

There are many possibilities for gifts that can be useful to someone who lives alone. Therefore, we have prepared a list with useful and pleasant ideas to make an assertive choice.

What is the best gift for those who live alone? The ideal gift for a person who lives alone is one that makes everyday life more practical or comfortable. It is interesting that the choice is useful, either for carrying out tasks or for promoting well-being and entertainment.

Those who live alone have the responsibility of taking care of the house, preparing their food, in addition to working, studying, among many other routine activities. Therefore, when it comes to gifting, the cool thing is to think about things that are useful and offer some practicality for everyday life. Next, we will show you some very interesting tips to help you make a good decision.

Waterproof bathroom speaker

2. Waterproof bathroom speaker

Bathing is one of the most relaxing moments of the day, when energies are renewed. Many people enjoy listening to music at this time, as it increases the feeling of well-being even more. It is a very economical and excellent gift tip for those who live alone.


3. Alexa

Alexa is an electronic device with artificial intelligence that can trigger music, news, search for information on the internet, make calls and various other functions. It is very practical and dynamic. For those who live alone, it can even serve as a company.

Cutlery set

4. Cutlery set

Cutlery is a widely used item in everyday life and even if a person lives alone, they can receive people eventually and will need to have a quantity of these products at home. Therefore, it is a great choice, especially if it is a good quality set.

Set of glasses

5. Set of glasses

Items of daily use that have a lot of use and, really, never hurts. The glass set is a practical and assertive gift bet, that kind of thing you buy with the awareness that the person will always need.

Cookware kit

6. Cookware kit

This kit is just perfect for giving to someone who already lives alone or who is going to start living. It has everything a person needs in pans to use on a daily basis and prepare quality meals. Sophisticated gift and worth the investment.

Sandwich Maker Grill

7. Sandwich maker Grill

It provides a lot of practicality for the daily lives of those who live alone, after all, the person who has a more busy routine, does not always want to stop to cook longer food, opting for sandwiches and other things faster.

Presence sensor for lighting

8. Presence sensor for lighting

This sensor is useful in any home, but for those who live it is only a way to provide more practicality and versatility, since there is no need to turn the light on or off when it comes to an environment, since the system does it automatically.

Socket light

9. Plug light

This product consists of a luminaire that works by means of a socket and spreads a soft light. It is a very cool thing for those who live alone and are afraid to sleep in the dark. In addition, it has a beautiful design with retro style that adds to the decoration.


10. Fan

Very useful equipment in any home, especially on the hottest days. The fan is practical and can be taken to any room in the house, providing a more refreshing air, more comfort and well-being. It is a good choice as a gift!

Twister bucket

11. Twister bucket

It is an accessory that helps to facilitate cleaning, making it faster and more practical. For those who take care of a home alone, having items that help in this regard is really very satisfying. Therefore, it is a product that is very worthwhile for its usefulness.


12. Pillows

Comfortable sleep is everyone’s desire and good quality pillows make all the difference. They are indispensable items at home and a smart bet when it comes to gifting, as they combine the useful with the pleasant.

Blanket set

13. Sheet set

Bed linen are excellent gifts for someone who lives alone, after all these items are never too much in a home. In addition, it is worth mentioning that a good quality product impacts comfort and well-being.

Set of towels

14. Towel set

A bet on the basics that is quite assertive, for sure, is the towels. They are used a lot in everyday life and those who live alone do not usually wash clothes so often, it is important to have several towels.

Robot vacuum cleaner

15. Robot vacuum cleaner

If you want to bet on a more modern and sophisticated item, this appliance is an incredible solution for those who live alone, since it helps a lot in cleaning the house. It sucks up dust automatically and very efficiently.

Vacuum Cleaner

16. Vacuum cleaner

And since we are talking about cleaning, the vacuum cleaner is an item that helps a lot in everyday life to keep the house free of dust. It is a great gift idea for someone who lives alone and needs to be more practical when performing household chores.

Environment aromatizer

17. Environment scent

This is a very economical suggestion, but it provides a good feeling of well-being, comfort and warmth in the home. A flavored environment has more freshness, it is nice to stay in it. A good choice to pamper those who live alone.


18. Keychains

Nobody likes to lose their house keys, do they? This causes many disorders that can be avoided with good organization. The key ring is a home accessory, super cheap and very useful.

Medicine box

19. Medicine box

A first aid kit is essential in any home and it is very important that it is organized for times of need. This medicine box is a really cool gift option that will help in this regard.

Capsule coffee maker

20. Capsule coffee maker

A gift full of refinement and which, in addition to making coffee time more tasty, adds a lot of practicality to the routine of those who live alone. The capsule coffee maker prepares just one dose of coffee, avoiding waste. It is one of those electrics that everyone would love to receive.

Electric cooker

21. Electric cooker

Another product tip that makes everyday life much more practical is the electric pan. It quickly and healthily prepares a wide variety of foods. In addition to facilitating the preparation of meals, it helps in promoting health.

Set of pots for groceries

22. Set of pots for groceries

Those who live alone hardly cook every day and a way to speed up their food is to store the dishes already prepared in the refrigerator. For this, pots are the best solution. Without them, it would be impossible to keep everything well organized. It is the kind of practical and accurate gift.

Bag organizer

23. Bag organizer

At the time of doing a market or fair, carrying the bags can be a little uncomfortable. This accessory greatly facilitates transport, making this routine task more practical. It is a super cheap product and has great use.


24. Toolkit

Everyone needs to have a good toolkit at home, after all, we never know when an unforeseen event, the need for a repair, etc. can arise. Therefore, it is a gift from those who have no mistake. It will surely please.

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