20 Gifts Every First Time Mother Needs

If you have a mission to present a woman who will be a mother for the first time, we have prepared a list with gift ideas that, for sure, she will need.

What is the best gift for a first-time mom? The ideal gift for a first-time mother should be useful, and bring practicality in this new phase of her life. There are many products that mom and baby will need right now, they are the ones you should bet on.

The arrival of a baby promotes great changes and to have all the necessary care, there are some items that are essential. Thinking about you who need to choose a gift for a mother who is going to win her first child, we list ideas that will help a lot in this phase of motherhood. Check it out below.

Maternity door ornament

2. Embellishment of maternity door

This is one of the most incredible moments in the life of this new mother, therefore, it deserves to be lived with all the affection. The ornament for the maternity door is something that can not be missing. A super cute treat that she will love to receive.

Maternity Books

3. Books on motherhood

Since the discovery of the first pregnancy, a mother’s life has become a mixture of emotions. Everything is new, everything is discovered. Books are incredible sources of learning for this moment and can be an excellent solution for gift giving.

Breast pump

4. Breast pump

This is a very useful product during the breastfeeding phase. The extraction of milk is done by many mothers and a pump that allows you to do this in a more comfortable and safe way is essential. Therefore, it is a good option for gift giving.

Storage Cups

5. Cups for storage

Still on the extraction of breast milk, when this is done, it is necessary to properly store the milk and the glasses help a lot to keep the milk frozen and fresh for the baby. These models make the process much more practical.

Thermal bag

6. Thermal bag

A bag like this will be very useful in the breastfeeding phase, as it allows the baby’s milk to be transported, maintaining quality and temperature. Because it is a very durable item, the bag can also be used later to carry food.

Maternity Bag

7. Maternity bag

This kit contains the appropriate bags to carry everything the baby will need on the days he is in the maternity ward. But, they are also very useful in everyday life, because whenever the new mommy leaves the house, she will need to transport baby things.

Pots and watering machine

8. Pots and watering machine

All a mom wants at this stage is practicality. A kit like this in the baby’s room allows quick access to what she needs at the time of hygiene of the child. Therefore, an option that will help a lot in everyday life.

Breastfeeding bra

9. Breastfeeding bra

Bras that keep the breasts comfortable and that allow the mother to breastfeed the baby in a practical way, make a big difference in everyday life. So this is an excellent alternative for you to give as a gift.

Blouse with opening

10. Blouse with opening

This is a very versatile piece, as it has an opening that promotes great practicality when it comes to breastfeeding. It is a very creative gift that will certainly make the new mom happy and satisfied.

Breast pad

11. Breast pad

This is a super cheap product, but it is also a good gift idea. Absorbents help prevent leaks, stain clothes and keep the breast dry, protecting the skin.

Baby hygiene kit

12. Baby hygiene kit

This kit is simply indispensable in a layette. It contains several items needed for safe baby hygiene such as special nail clippers, scissors, comb and brush. It is a practical and accurate item.

Bath kit for baby

13. Baby bath kit

The moment of bathing requires all the necessary care to maintain the child’s safety. Special and good quality products are essential at this time. That is why a good bathing kit can be an excellent gift.

Towel kit

14. Towel kit

Towels are very useful and excellent alternatives for gift giving, since they are never too much. Especially, during the winter, when it is more difficult to keep everything dry, Mom will need several towels.

Bath thermometer

15. Bath thermometer

To ensure that the bath water is always at the ideal temperature, the bath thermometer will help a lot. This is legal so that more comfort is obtained while the child bathes and that his health is not affected, after all babies are very sensitive.

Bath support

16. Support for bath

The bath time for the baby should be peaceful and relaxing. This support prevents it from slipping in the bathtub, in addition the mother does not need to hold the baby, avoiding pain in the arm.

Activity mat

17. Activity mat

This is a very interesting toy to give as a gift, after all, besides keeping the child distracted, it helps to work curiosity and motor skills. Very cool option for the beginning of this baby’s life.

Anti stretch mark cream

18. Anti stretch mark cream

Stretch marks are very common on the body of a woman who is going through a pregnancy, after all, the body as a whole undergoes changes. Therefore, an anti stretch mark cream is a good gift option for personal care both during pregnancy and after.

Breastfeeding armchair

19. Breastfeeding chair

For those who want to invest in a more expensive product that is really useful on a daily basis, then the armchair is the sure bet. It is an item that the new mom will use daily and that will make a huge difference in the routine, with more comfort and quality for the moment of breastfeeding.

Breast-feeding pillow

20. Breastfeeding pillow

This is a pillow with a suitable shape to offer more comfort and safety for breastfeeding. It is an item that will be of great use throughout the period when the mother is breastfeeding.

More gift ideas

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