7 drinks for you to serve at Christmas or New Year!

See the amount of drinks we teach you to prepare!

Drinks to vary the menu, and have fun doing it!

Do you already know Casa & Cozinha? It is the sister site of dcoracao.com, with content produced with as much love and care as the one here. There, there are several super delicious recipes and, the best part, very easy to make and using ingredients you already have // ​​or must have at home // or they are easy to buy. To show how cool he is, we have separated the best drink posts that have appeared there; who knows you might not be excited to prepare something different in your day-to-day life ?!

Have you ever tried a Chilcano?

Passion fruit chilcano is a refreshing and tasty Peruvian drink.

Gin and tonic is a drink with the face of: let's relax for today, right ?!

Tonic gin is a drink invented by a real nutcase! We told the story of gin (which is super trendy) and taught the drink. 😉

And tangerine mojito?  Have you thought about that idea?

The tangerine Mojito was very successful here! As an ingredient that gives a tchan, cane garapa!

if you like pina coladaaaa ....

And Piña colada, what makes you want to go out singing? Come and see this drink from Puerto Rico!

Orange flavored water to aid digestion :-)

To hydrate, flavored orange water (without alcohol).

Pineapple flavored water.  What about?!

And also pineapple flavored water (without alcohol)!

Hmmmm ... Hibiscus tea is all good!

And the delicious hibiscus tea (without alcohol)!

♥ ︎ If you don’t drink alcoholic beverages, but you feel like trying some of the first recipes, you can always make your version without alcohol. The tip to add more is to add more fruit than the recipe calls for and a little sparkling water 😉

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