29 Right Gift Ideas for Revelation Tea

Have you been invited to a revelation tea and are you unsure about the gift? We have selected the best ideas to help you make a right choice.

What is the best gift for tea revelation? The ideal gift for a revelation tea should be useful for the baby. As it is not yet known what the sex of the child will be, it is right to invest in items that suit both girl and boy, preferably in neutral colors.

Events to reveal the sex of the baby will become a tradition during pregnancy. It is an opportunity to start the child’s layette. Thinking about it, when choosing a treat for that date, the most correct thing is to prioritize items that are useful for the first months after delivery. Next, check out some tips that will guide you in this mission.

Body kit

2. Body kit

The Body is one of the clothes most used by moms in the first months of the baby, especially because it contains buttons that facilitate diaper change. A kit like this will be really useful for mom.

Breast-feeding pillow

3. Breastfeeding cushion

This is one of those indispensable items in the layette that serve to offer comfort and safety when breastfeeding. It is an excellent choice for gifting at the time of the revelation tea.

Maternity bag

4. Maternity bag

The bags help a lot in organizing the baby’s things that are taken to the maternity hospital. It is a time when mom needs a lot of practicality, so it is a great alternative as a gift.

Maternity bag

5. Maternity bag

This is a gift that will be of great use both in the maternity hospital and afterwards. A good quality bag makes all the difference when organizing baby’s things. This kit is just perfect to make everything more practical and versatile.


6. Exchanger

The changer is an item of daily use, which moms really need. It is the kind of practical and assertive gift, that is, there is no mistaking investing in it. That’s because, it will be useful on many occasions.

Baby Album

7. Baby album

The arrival of a child is a special and unforgettable moment, keeping the memories of this phase is very important for parents. The Album is a very symbolic and very cool gift for that revelation tea moment.

Baby comfort

8. Baby comfort

Another sure bet, after all, the baby comfort is an accessory that has great use in the first months of the child’s life. It is important that it offers comfort and, above all, a lot of security.


9. Kangaroo

This is one of those items that make all the difference on a daily basis. It allows the baby to be transported in a comfortable, safe way, where the father or mother can also maintain greater freedom to do things. Sophisticated and pleasing gift.


10. Bib

It is a super cheap item, but it will also be used a lot by this baby. This modelinho is a cutie and has a great quality so that it can be used for a long time. If you want a cute and useful treat, the bet is worth it.

Baby bottles

11. Baby bottles

Every baby ends up using the bottle and it needs to be of good quality to ensure the child’s health. It is worth betting on a model designed to deliver the best well-being for the baby, such as a bottle that will help reduce the cramps, which are common in the first months. Therefore, it is a creative and multifunctional option.

Watering machine

12. Water maker

It is very important that the child’s room is well equipped with everything that mom will need to take care of her baby. This kit has an elegant look and will help in everyday life, being a perfect treat for a gift at the revelation tea.


13. Diapers

It seems like a very obvious gift, but it is always accurate, after all the baby will need a high amount of diapers. Therefore, it is worth betting on the practical and useful, diapers will always please.

Wet wipes kit

14. Wet wipe kit

Another item that mommy will use daily and that will really need a good amount, are the baby wipes. It is another option of a practical and assertive gift to give at the revelation tea.

Bath kit

15. Bath kit

Bath time products are also good alternatives for gift giving, as they will be used daily. They need to be baby-friendly, hypoallergenic and of good quality. This kit is a very good option in this regard.

Hygiene kit

16. Hygiene kit

Mom will need several special accessories for babies that allow them to do the hygiene with all affection and care. This kit has many accessories that will facilitate the baby’s hygiene moment.

Towel kit

17. Towel kit

Good quality towels make all the difference when it comes to drying your baby. It is a widely used product that parents will need to have in a certain amount. Therefore, this bet is very worthwhile.

Crib kit

18. Cradle kit

When the revelation tea happens, the parents are at the beginning of setting up the layette and the crib kit is something that will contribute significantly in this phase. This model, besides offering a lot of comfort and safety, has a beautiful look.

Crib mobile

19. Crib mobile

In addition to being a decorative item that will enhance the look of the baby’s room, it is very useful to distract the child and induce sleep. It is a lovely treat and can already be included in the assembly of the room.

Rest chair

20. Rest chair

It is a gift that parents will love, after all, it allows the baby to rest and be distracted while other activities can be done. It is the kind of gift that unites the useful and the pleasant, being more of an assertive bet.

Activity mat

21. Activity mat

This is an interactive and dynamic toy, excellent for distracting the child. It is a great option for gift giving, which for sure, parents should use a lot not only in the first months, but for a good period of time.

Knitting booties

22. Knitting booties

They are the best options in shoes for children in their first months of life, because, in addition to being super warm, they are malleable and offer every comfort. It is a super cute treat for the revelation tea.

Kit glove, sock and cap

23. Glove, sock and cap kit

This is a kit that can be used in the maternity ward, but it will also be of great use after that, as they help to keep the baby warm, in addition to offering a lot of comfort and warmth. It’s more of a cute treat.

Bath Toys

24. Bath toys

Bath toys offer distraction and fun for this moment. We know that not all babies like this time of day, do we? So, this is a good choice to make this moment easier.


25. Bathtub

It is a product that will be used daily, therefore, it is on the list of essential items of the layette. This model is very sophisticated and, for sure, will please and help you when bathing.

Bathtub cushion

26. Bathtub cushion

As the bathtub is hard, using a bath cushion is a solution to offer greater comfort to the baby, in addition to preventing him from slipping. It is an alternative of creative gift and of great use.


27. Dining chair

It is one more item that parents will really need and use frequently. They can be easily transported on trips and outings so that the time to eat is done safely.

Teether with gum massager

28. Teether with gum massager

It is a very affordable item and will be very useful, since in the first months the baby already bites. At the stage when the teeth start to grow, this increases even more and the teethers are indispensable to relieve discomfort.


29. Toothpick holder

If you like more symbolic and creative items, this is a really cool choice. It is a toothpick holder, where, as the baby’s teeth fall out, they can be stored. After all, it is super cheap.

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