Wedding gifts: everything you need to know to get it right the first time

Having received an invitation to a wedding, one immediately thinks about the clothes to be taken, but also the gift that will be offered. Among monetary values, a wedding list or a unique and original gift, how do we know which is the best idea for a wedding gift?

What counts is the intention. Therefore, find out what the bride and groom intend, that is, if you are close to the couple, ask them what they most need in this early life for two: money to pay for their honeymoon or the photo service? Anything on the wedding list or especially the dinner service pieces? A picture that you saw in that store that you all love or some sets of sheets? They are the ones who know best and you just need to be attentive.

Yes to the list. How many times did you not call the bride and groom a few days after receiving the invitation, just to ask them: “do you have a wedding list”? When the question is “yes”, ufff, what a relief! Their task is thus much easier, mainly because the bride and groom have already had the trouble to choose their own gifts – now just find one that you are particularly happy to offer and that is within your budget. There are also other advantages: in addition to saving time and energy, it avoids the possible duplication of gifts, and is ideal when the bride and groom are not well acquainted!

Not to the list. Of course, no one is forced to buy a gift from the wedding list – some people are of the opinion that this system is impersonal, too restrictive or do not agree with the idea of ​​the bride and groom knowing exactly how much each guest has spent. However, you can use it to your advantage. How? This list is an excellent tool to understand the personal style of the bride and groom, the type of objects and / or colors they most appreciate and the values ​​they consider “acceptable” when it comes to gifts. Then, just apply this information in the search for your unique and personalized gift!

“Away” grooms. We are often invited to weddings where we know almost nobody and, sometimes, neither the groom nor the bride! If the bride and groom are not very close, choosing the perfect gift can become even more complicated! If they have a wedding list, this will always be the safest option. If not, try to find out more details about what you want in terms of gifts through family or close friends. As a last resort, offer money.

Cash. Although many point to “cash money” as the most impersonal gift that exists, it is viewed with good eyes by many people: it is a gift that is never returned or exchanged and can be used in multiple ways! And the bride and groom thank you! The rule is to offer a value that is within your budget and that is representative of the number of people who are offering it. Don’t forget: never fill an envelope with € 5 bills | R $ 10, write a check first … it is more elegant and good tone. After all, this is a wedding!

Split expenses. If you know that what the bride and groom need most at the moment is that washing machine with a capacity of 9 kg or else as movie fans, they would love a plasma or a “home theater” sound system for their new room, why not ? Gather a few friends and / or family members (the more the better!), Share the expenses and see the joy in the face of the bride and groom when they open that perfect gift! In reality, everyone wins!

The presentation. When purchasing any wedding gift, always make sure that the package is excellent. If, even after leaving the store, you are not satisfied with the visual presentation of the gift (the “eyes eat too”, isn’t it true ?!) buy an elegant and elegant paper, accompanied by silk ribbons and do it yourself. No need to go through the old paper you saved from your last birthday or, worse, your wedding! A wedding gift should always be accompanied by a postcard: to remember later and so that your gift is not lost among so many others, the couple ending up not knowing who offered what! Even if it offers money, it is always more beautiful to put the check inside an appropriate card or postcard, instead of going “alone” in a plain white envelope. Make a point of writing a personal and heart message, so that the couple can enjoy it, along with your offer.

You’re not going to the wedding, don’t you have to offer a gift? We are often obliged, for personal or professional reasons, to refuse wedding invitations. However, this reason does not excuse him from giving gifts to the bride and groom. Whether or not you go to the wedding, the label says you will have to buy a gift anyway. For a long time, it was acceptable that this gift could be delivered until the first wedding anniversary of the bride and groom, today a much faster performance is required, that is, not more than six months after the wedding date.

Exchanges and returns. Before purchasing anything, make sure that the gift you are going to offer can be returned or exchanged in case the bride and groom do not appreciate or receive two identical items. In addition, it is important to know the deadlines foreseen for these exchanges, since the bride and groom usually go away on their honeymoon right after the wedding. To make life easier for the bride and groom, place the receipt for exchange inside the gift itself or staple it inside the envelope containing the respective card.

Weight, count and measure. The greatest gift that the bride and groom can have is, in fact, the presence of all their guests on their big day. It may seem like “cheekbones”, but it is true! Which means they are not concerned with monetarily evaluating what each guest has decided to offer. If it came from the heart, it can be seen. If it came from your garage where it has been kept since your wedding, this is also seen. If it came from the wedding list, the bride and groom will be pleased to have agreed to your wishes. If you chose a personal gift, based on your long-standing friendship, the bride and groom will never forget it. There is a narrow line between getting into debt to offer an extravagant gift and being considered the party’s “forreta”. Don’t think that the gift is your “ticket to the wedding” – more than anything, it will offend the bride and groom and cool the celebration spirit that should characterize a wedding.

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