20 cheap and creative boyfriend gift ideas

There is no specific date to be romantic, be it on the anniversary, on Valentine’s Day or on his birthday, you can make a special statement of love, giving a creative gift and, the best, without spending a lot. If you’re not sure what to do to surprise your love, we’ll help you with a really cool list of 20 creative gift ideas to give your boyfriend on any date. Check out!

  1. Personalized mugs with chocolates

This is a very cute idea that most people love. After all, who doesn’t like chocolates, right ?! The suggestion is to have a mug personalized, with a phrase or even a photo that symbolizes your courtship and then filled it with chocolates, truffles or any chocolate you want. The average price of this gift is 40 reais, depending on the chocolate you choose.

  1. Breakfast baskets

Let’s continue with this delicious idea of ​​food and prepare a beautiful breakfast basket. Buying one of these ready-made can cost between 150 and 200 reais, but if you prepare it yourself, you will spend an average of 50 reais. The coolest thing about preparing yourself is that you can choose your boyfriend’s favorite treats, foods and drinks.

  1. Letters “open when …”

Make a personalized box with several letters inside for it to open at specific times. For example, “open when you are sad”, “open when we fight”, “open when you have insomnia”, “open when you need to smile”. Be creative and put messages that will strengthen the partnership and the love between you. To make this gift you only need to invest in pens and stationery.

  1. Home cinema kit

This suggestion is perfect for couples who love to watch TV together. Prepare a cinema kit, with treats, popcorn, glasses and favorite drinks. Print tickets and customize the label of things to give that special touch to the gift. You will spend little and it will be a very nice gift for both of you.

  1. Creative Pen Drives

Pen drives are also great gift ideas, especially when you find a fun and creative one. If your boyfriend likes the Avengers, for example, the items in the photo below will make his head. To make the gift more romantic, record a video, photos, the couple’s music and leave a note, telling him to listen to himself.

  1. Romantic Gift Voucher

This is another very fun and creative idea. Think of things you could give your partner, like a massage, passionate kisses, declarations of love and so on. Put them in gift vouchers and tell him that you can draw one of these vouchers once a week, until they are all gone.

  1. Romantic picture frame

These beautiful picture frames cost, on average, 30 reais. So, choose a really cool photo, which symbolizes your love or the beginning of your dating, for example, and delivered to the person with a note with a declaration of love. It is a very delicate gift and he can use the frame anywhere, to always remember you.

  1. Personalized dating keychain

See how beautiful these key chains are? They cost an average of 15 reais and are perfect for couples in love. Your love will be carrying the keys to the house, office and / or car with something that you gave him and that can symbolize, in a simple way, your romance.

  1. Chains custom two halves

Half chains are also great suggestions. In order not to spend too much on jewelry and gold pieces, give preference to semi-jewels, which offer a similar aspect, as they are bathed, good quality and a much more affordable value.

  1. Photo album of the couple

How about preparing a beautiful photo album telling your story? Handmade gifts always have a special value and will be something that will tell your story.

  1. Box of chocolates

Look at him again here, the chocolate. You will easily find cute and personalized options with sayings like “I love you”, “eternal love” and etc. To complement the gift, be sure to write a romantic message, from the bottom of your heart.

  1. Jar with cookies

Do you know how to prepare cookies? If you don’t know how to learn and surprise your love with something made by you? It is a very delicate, delicious idea that he will certainly enjoy. You can also bet on other delicacies, like brigadeiros, for example. Unleash your creativity.

  1. “I love you because” pot

Tell, in little notes, the reasons why you are in love with your partner. For example: “I love you because you wake up from the best in me”; “I love you because you are always by my side”.

  1. Custom decorative frame (DIY)

There are hundreds of videos on the internet teaching how to make these romantic pictures as a gift for your partner. It is a cooler idea than the other. You can tell your story, make a declaration of love, print a photo that well symbolizes your relationship and so on.

  1. Little book “Alphabet of love”

Buy a cute notepad at the stationery near your home, personalize the cover and write the love alphabet inside. Start with the letter A and go on writing the declarations of love up to the letter Z.

  1. Sensual kits for the couple

Every couple, who wants to spice up the relationship, needs a sensual kit like this. Buy some items that can be fun for you at the time H and give as a gift to him.

  1. Box of 5 senses

Another more romantic and creative gift is the box of the 5 senses. A CD or flash drive with your favorite music, for listening, something to eat or drink for the taste, photos or lingerie for the vision and so on. This is the time to unleash your creativity and surprise your partner.

  1. Personalized pillow for boyfriend

Some people find it cheesy to print the photo on the pillow, but others find it cute. What would your boyfriend think? This is where you have to think about choosing the gift. It can then be the couple’s photo, but it can also be a fun phrase or something that has to do with their personality. Some stores customize pillows for less than 50 reais.

  1. Personalized Bis Box

How much does a box of Bis cost? For you will need it, some stationery items and a little creativity to make this gift. Ask Bis for good times, kisses and hugs and whatever else you want.

  1. His favorite cake

And finally, another delicious idea, his favorite cake made by you. Fancy decor and write a romantic note. Have it delivered to his house, or leave it in the fridge for him to be surprised when he opens it.

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