What to do on Mother’s Day? 15 Ideas to Innovate in 2020!

When it comes to celebrating the second Sunday in May, many people have doubts about what to do on Mother’s Day. After all, how to make a surprise on Mother’s Day or set up a tribute for the mother on this date, showing her how much you love her?

Know that the most important thing is to focus on what your mother likes to do and also organize great family moments, creating incredible memories and showing all your love and affection.

Even those with little money can use some ideas below to surprise and honor their mother. Check out!

Be sure to check until the end of the post, because there is a video for you to set up a Mother’s Day lunch with delicious and easy recipes, your mom will love it!

1- Organize a special breakfast

Special breakfast for Mother's Day

Special breakfast for Mother’s Day | Photograph

O breakfast on Mother’s Day it is an excellent way to surprise her.

After all, nothing better than waking up that Sunday and finding a full table and the house decorated just for her.

Invest in the delicacies and delicacies that your mother likes most and remember to make a great decoration.

2- Make a surprise party for the mother

Surprise party for Mother's Day

Surprise party for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Do you want to make this Mother’s Day extremely unforgettable?

Organize a surprise party for her and gather friends and family.

Fancy the decoration, serve a tasty cake and offer several sweets and snacks to the guests.

3- Organize a family picnic

Family picnic for Mother's Day

Family picnic for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Nothing better to celebrate Mother’s Day than family moments.

And an idea of ​​what to do on Mother’s Day is to take her out for a delicious picnic.

It can be done in a park, square or even in the garden of your home or in the common areas of the condominium.

4- Treat yourself to a SPA day

SPA day for mom

SPA day for mom | Photograph

Don’t know what to do on Mother’s Day? Gift items that help the mommy relax.

A very nice idea is to offer her a day of SPA.

This way, she can take advantage of this moment to take care of herself and de-stress the heavy routine.

5- Prepare lunch for Mother’s Day

Delicious lunch for Mother's Day

Delicious lunch for Mother’s Day | Photograph

When it comes to organizing a surprise for Mother’s Day, how about cooking the special lunch yourself?

Invest in a recipe that she likes it a lot and caprice in the seasoning!

If you do well in the kitchen, you can invite other mothers in the family to celebrate this date with you.

6- Take a mini family trip

On Mother's Day take a mini family trip

On Mother’s Day, make a mini family trip | Photograph

How about taking the weekend of Mother’s Day to hit the road?

This is a great opportunity for you to spend more time with your family.

Choose a destination close to home and enjoy this moment!

7- Give a photo essay

Photo shoot for Mother's Day

Photo shoot for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Don’t know what to give on Mother’s Day? How about running away from the obvious ideas?

A photo shoot mother and daughter or mother and child is a very nice way to register your love.

In addition to the photos that will be remembered, the rehearsal itself will be a very special and very complicity moment.

8- Take a balloon ride

Balloon ride to celebrate Mother's Day

Balloon ride to celebrate Mother’s Day | Photograph

More than buying gifts, it is nice to create unforgettable experiences that will forever mark your mother.

A tribute idea for Mother’s Day is to take her on a balloon ride.

This is a suggestion that works very well for adventurous mothers – and it will certainly be a different time in the family.

9- Write a letter to your mother

Write a letter to your mother

Write a letter to your mother | Photograph

No ideas on how to make a surprise on Mother’s Day?

How about writing a letter to her? Take the opportunity to thank and to show all your affection and love.

This is a simple gift, but it will move your mother a lot, since we don’t always have the time or habit to show our feelings.

10- Set up a family photo mural

Set up a photo mural for Mother's Day

Set up a photo mural for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Even those with short money can invest in creative ideas to surprise on Mother’s Day.

An easy inspiration to do, but very cool, is to organize a Photo wall of the family.

Separate photos of you at different times or at remarkable moments and surprise the big mom!

11- Queen’s Day

Give your mother a queen day

Give your mother a queen day | Photograph

Don’t know what to do on Mother’s Day? Invest in programs that value your mother.

A nice idea is to organize a queen’s day (which can even be at home), with everything she has the right to.

For example: massage, makeup, hair care, nails etc.

12- Take the mother shopping

Take your mom shopping

Take your mom shopping | Photograph

You can’t decide for Mother’s Day gift?

A good suggestion is to take the mother shopping.

Organize a trip to the mall or other shopping center that she likes and give her a “free pass” so she can choose her own gift and buy other items that she wants.

13- Take the mother bowling

Take mom bowling

Take the mother bowling | Photograph

Mother’s Day can also be a great time to do different programs.

How about, for example, taking the family bowling?

For sure this will be a very tasty moment of fun!

14- Go to the cinema

Go to the cinema with your mom

Go to the cinema with your mom | Photograph

To surprise on Mother’s Day, how about investing in programs she likes?

For example, it is possible to go to the cinema or the theater.

Let the mother choose the movie or play and have fun together!

15- Take a class together

Take a class with your mom

Take a class with your mom | Photograph

Did your mother always want to learn something, but complain about the lack of company?

Use Mother’s Day as a stimulus to start a class together, like ballroom dancing, cooking, makeup, crafts etc.

See how to prepare a delicious and super easy lunch for Mother’s Day!

How about on this special day, you take your mom off the stove and prepare a delicious lunch for her? Watch the videos and see how easy it is, your mom will love it.

After these inspirations, do you already know what to do on Mother’s Day to surprise her?

Enjoy and see our special Mother’s Day section with various gift ideas, souvenirs and more!

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